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Abba whispered,

Do you love Me?

Follow Me.

Into the Wilderness of Weakness

I followed.

Feet blistered,

A fever, an inferno engulfed,

self-will burned away

Abba carried me through.

Abba whispered,

Do you love Me?

Follow Me.

To the Water’s of Desperation”

Blacken cold waters of depression

Sucked downward by the

stanchly muck of self-pity

desperate arms thrust around Abba!

Abba carried me to the other side.

Abba whispered,

Do you love Me?

Follow Me.

Climbing upward into the

The Foothills of Fleshly Desire

Rocky outcrops hid

roaring lions of lust

Behind bolder  lurked

Leopards of Lust

Secret pits filled with

Vipers of Physical Pleasure

Crevices concealed

Scorpions of Addiction,

I stumbled!

Abba’s right reached out and took hold,

He declared,

You shall not be

Cast down!

Abba carried me over.

Abba whispered,

Do you love Me?

Follow Me.

Abba pulled out from His

Heart Strings of Love

and wove together

His Golden Cord of Love

then bound me to

His bosom

We ascended together

The Mount of Complacency,

Over the Maze of Laziness,

above the Pits of Apathy,

Abba carried me on His Wings

high above the clouds

to His Garden Plateau

The Garden of Regeneration

Here I walked and rested

by the side of Abba

He taught and spoke of

Hope for the things not yet seen

I feasted upon

Ripen Grapes of Forgiveness

Manna of Truth

and drank of

Blood Red Wine

for the cleansing of all sin,

Upon lush green grass

I laid which restored my soul.

Hand in hand we crossed the garden,

to the place where two paths cross,

One path up the side of a great mountain,

another down into a deep,

dark, fog covered Valley.

With loving eyes Abba spoke,

Today you must choose,

The way you want to go.

The mountain path was steep,

with many a jagged,

razor-sharp pinnacles to scale,

High atop the mountain

looked to be a great treasure,

gleaming a beckoning,

In an alluring song.

The valley path went,

down, down into cold emptiness,

with cries of  helpless brokenness

echoing from the darkness.

Abba I cried,

Let us climb the mountain,

together we can gain the


Loving and painstakingly Abba answered,

No, I will not go with you

to the mountain top.

Do you love Me?

Follow Me.

Down, down the steep valley trail

I followed as the

the cries of helplessness

groans of emptiness echoed louder.

Abba came to a fallen log

we sat together.

Abba spoke,

Today you followed Me past

The Mountain of Worldly Ambition and Glory

which leads to eternal death.

In this valley you shall learn

To be the eyes of the blind,

bind the wounds

of the wounded,

Be a shepherd,

to the lost.

In this valley

My words will become your words

your heart shall become

My heart.

You shall now share

in My suffering

which is My Glory.

There is an even greater treasure

on the other side of the valley,

that shall be your Hope,

an eternal life in paradise

with Me.

You love Me.

Follow Me into

The Valley of




Sour Tears.

Monday Quote!

Joachim Neander

Praise the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation!

O my soul, praise Him, for He is thy health and salvation!

All ye who hear, now to His temple draw near,

Join me in glad adoration!


Long Time!

It has been a long time I have had been without a real way of going on-line. Yesterday I was given an early Christmas present, a new iPad Mini and also got internet installed in my home. Many of you know I have moved from Florida to Tennessee, where I was able to find a new job. Or should I say a anew job found me, I was recruited by a company out of Washington D. C. and my top-secret clearance was up dated. Not much I can tell you about what I do now, but I leave the house at 3:30AM and return home at around 6:30PM. Also not much time to write, barely enough time to eat and sleep, but it is a new field to harvest.

I want to say to all in the past I tried to keep up with all your post but have not done such a good job, that I am sorry for and ask you to forgive me? I have been very slow on responding to comments and may have miss some, again sorry! The smart phone was far to smart for me to use to keep up!

Hopefully now I may do a better job and soon there shall be a new poem posted soon. I want to thank you all for your prayers and love. May God Bless and keep you may His face shine upon you now and forever, Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving, James

Monday Quote!

Frances Ridley Havergal

Like a river glorious is God’s perfect peace,

Prefect, yet it flowth fuller every day,

Stayed upon Jehovah, hearts are fully blest;

Over all victorious in its bright increase;


Perfect, yet it growth deeper.

Finding, as be promised, perfect peace and rest.




Monday Quote!

Power of Grace

J Thomas

“Donkey Tells, The Beginning”

Whispers of honey that breaks the chains that in slaves us, it is the power that frees us.

Monday Quote!

Eugene Peterson

Worship does not satisfy our hunger

for God

it whets our appetite!


Monday Quote!

Thomas d Kempis

First put yourself at peace,

and then you may the better

make others be at peace.

A peaceful and patient man

is of more profit to himself

and to others,

too, than a learned man who has no peace.

Seed of Joy!

Within the soul’s heart

a seed of joy is planted

dying it tales root.

As joy sends out rootlets fibers

cracking. slicing, and digging into

the rock hard stone face of sadness.

Crumbling. crunching, and feasting on

the darkness of depression

sprout forth the seedlings

contentment and gladness.

From the fresh tilled soil

nutrients are leeched out of

anger, envy, and strife,

Thrive the saplings

generosity, unselfishness, and gentleness.

Cut down, uprooted, and turned to compost

is the poison vine’s upshot

hate, rage, and self-ambition.

Budding now the Vine of Grace

Fragrantly flowering is

goodness, self-control. and faithfulness.

Fire from Heaven

consumes the tree of death

the ash of

debauchery and lust

is whisked away in the Holy Wind

Found here is

the  Tree of Life

ripened fruit burst open

showers of sweet nectar of

Peace and Love.

Monday Quote!

Bill Graham

Christ alone can bring lasting peace

peace with God…

peace among men…

and peace to nations…

and peace within our hearts.

What Shall Happen?

I am standing atop

this snow packed mountain summit,

rolling this snowball named Love.

What shall happen when…

this snowball named Love

is tumbled from this pinnacle’s edge

called begrudged?

With shouts of praise

to God’s only Son!

A great mountain becomes


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