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A Precious Jewel

Abba’s most precious jewel

His most favorite child

In her one finds only Love.

She reflects Christ.

Hand cut by the master

Perfectly polished every facet

In her one finds only Love.

She reveals Christ.

Her touch invites

Her embrace soft and warm

In her arms one finds only Love.

She is the ardor of Christ.

Her voice a gift

Singing songs of praise

Greater than that of angels

In her songs one finds only love.

She is the morning song of Christ.

Greater radiance than any diamond

Fire beyond any ruby

Richness exceeding the sapphire

In her brilliance one only finds love.

She shines of Christ.

A gift given

To one man

Till death do they part.

In her I have found only LOVE.

For she is the gift

My bride on loan

to me

She is the bride of Christ.

Happy Birthday

My bride

March 2, 2014

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11 thoughts on “A Precious Jewel

  1. Wow, truly beautiful beyond words!

  2. Lovely and honoring. Well done Sweet Aroma! Blessings!

  3. This is soooo beautiful. How blessed your bride must feel to have this beautiful poem written for her. Happy Birthday to her!

  4. Christine on said:

    Wow,wow,wow, my Dear Brother, this are the most beautiful words I ever read!
    Congratulations on your Inspirations again, and Thank you from my Heart for sharing!
    May you be Blessed in Abundance every day of your Life, and protected in Love of Our Beloved Lord Jesus!

  5. To you my four loving sisters in Christ I have been trying for the past few days to think of a reply worthy of the comments you have made, I cannot. What I can say is in this poem I have written the words of what I see when I look at my wife.
    May the Peace of the Lord over shadow you, May His love overflow in you, and in your weakness may you rest in His strong arms now and until He comes, Amen.

  6. trusthismercy on said:

    My Dearest James,

    You are the Most special Brother in Christ anyone can wish for! I appreciate you so much James, Thank you for being YOU!

    May the Love of Our Lord Jesus and His Holy Mother keep you save all days of your Life!

    Abundant Blessings


  7. Absolutely darling words for the bride. Be blessed. VW

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