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Disciple Killer!

Comfort a Disciple Killer!
When I am comfortable in sin
repentance is slow.
When I am led by the desires
of my flesh,
I am walking away from God.
When I pursue worldly dreams
God’s dreams for my life
Comfort a Disciple Killer!
I must be willing to
fight my flesh or
starve a spiritual death.
I must pick up my cross,
I must die to self,
to live and
follow Christ.
Comfort a Disciple Killer!

Monday Quotes!

“The chief means of resisting manipulation is humility – knowing who we really are and facing it. You can only serve by love. You can only love by choice. True love cannot be the result of decree, force or manipulation. Jesus always kept his strength to make loving choices. He calls us to make loving choices necessary to be the servant of all.” “Humility permits me to own my feelings – and to admit them. Now I’m free to say, ‘I’m angry’. I’m free to admit what I am reacting to. I am free to ask if anger is what the person wanted to produce in me, and to ask for help in changing if my reaction is inappropriate.”
― Gayle D. Erwin, The Jesus Style

Will They Hate Me?

If I do not agree with their lifestyle,
will they hate me?
If I tell them Yeshua loves them,
will they hate me?
If I say Yeshua died for them,
will they hate me?
If I speak to them in love that sin
is death,
will they hate me?
If I explain to them they can be forgiven,
will they hate me?
If I plead with love you are a slave to sin,
will they hate me?
If I express with love to go and sin no more,
will they hate me?
When Your words I have spoken in Love
to those that love their sin,
hate me,
will I have a faith to
still love them?
When those that hate
call me names,
will I have a faith to
still love them?
When those who hate
spit on me,
will I have a faith to still,
love them?
When those who hate come
to beat me,
will I have a faith to
still love them?
When those who hate come
to place me in prison,
will I have a faith
to still love them?
When those who hate come to
drag me out and beat me to death,
will I have a faith
to pray Abba Father
forgive them
I still love them?

Monday Quotes!

Gayle D. Erwin

I still find my corrupt heart
longing for tomorrow’s bread.
I can make a good argument
to the Lord about how effective
I can be if He would supply me
with enough advance funds.
It’s a little frightening to pray for TODAY’s bread.
That means I must pray again for tomorrow
and believe again for tomorrow.
My greedy heart is willing to be corrupted
by a little bit of riches
so that I see my warehouse full of loaves.
I can make a good argument
about how God won’t have to be bothered
with me every day if He would only advance
me about ten years worth of bread.

Father’s Day

This Is My Talent.

Abba our Father hear this day
the cries of the men who bare the
name of your Son.
We ourselves who have become fathers
are being beaten down,
the evil one, the world, and sin
are deceiving our children.
With drugs, sex and lies the evil
has undermined the authority
You our Lord has given unto us.
On our knees before the Throne
we come to besiege
all of hell
for the souls of our children.
Turn Your Face upon
us as fathers and raise us up
as a standard against
the evil that has entered our land.
Fill us with Your Holy Spirit
give us words of Heaven’s Wisdom,
Abba’s Holy Loving Words,
and the Power of the Great I AM,
as men and fathers
we stand in the gap
for our Families.

Monday Quotes!

J Thomas

Out of my greatest sorrow and weakness,
a seed is planted that grows
Yeshua’s greatest peace and Yeshua’s strength.

A. W. Tozer


Christianity takes for granted
the absence of any self-help
and offers a power which is
nothing less than the
Power of God.

Pop Quiz?


1.) What is the name of this donkey?

2.) Who was this donkey’s master?

3.) Can you name two events in history which this donkey was an eye-witness?

The answers to these questions can be found in:

“Donkey Tells, A Promise Kept”


Monday Quotes!

Dwight L. Moody


We talk about heaven

being so far away.

It is within speaking distance

to those who belong there.

Heaven is a prepared place

for a prepared people.

Just Thinking!

The divine Love of Yahweh

Flows out of Heaven,

not by happen chance.

Love enters the world

through His children

for this is His Will.

Yahweh the giver of 

all good gifts

and of all power

to heal and save,


Monday Quotes!

A. W. Tozer


The Word of God well understood
and religiously obeyed
is the shortest route to spiritual perfection.
And we must not select a few favorite passages
to the exclusion of others.
Nothing less than a whole Bible
can make a whole Christian.

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