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Tears Fell Upon His Feet!

I am beaten down
I am broken
I am wounded!
Fallen to the ground,
my tears fell
upon His feet!
He asked;
What is it
you want?
I am weak
I am hurt
I am blind!
Fallen to the ground
my tears fell
upon His feet!
He asked;
What is it
you want?
I am weak
I am hungry
I am exhausted!
Fallen to the ground
my tears fell
upon His feet!
He asked;
What is it
you want?
I am a wretch
I am worthless
I am contemptible!
Fallen to the ground
my tears fell
upon His feet!
He asked;
What is it
you want?
I am disobedient
I am dishonest
I am a sinner!
Fallen to the ground
my tears fell
upon His feet!
He asked;
What is it
you really want?
I want Your forgiveness
I want Your love
I want You!
Fallen to the ground
my tears fell
upon His feet!
Moved by His compassion
He reached down
with His nailed scared Hand
pressed me against His heart
as He wiped away
the tear stains
from my cheeks!

Sometimes I must stop, remember were I have come from and who I really am. On those days, I fall to the ground and let my tears fall upon my Abba’s feet. This Is what always keeps me pressing on as Abba wipes the tear stains from cheeks.

Monday Quotes!

Charles Spurgeon


The Lord gets His

best soldiers

out of the highlands

of affliction.

J Thomas

Comfortably complacent are the fine Egyptian bed sheets of Satan’s whore Apathy, were many a religious awakes in hell.
Suffering and adversity are the nail scared hands and feet that carry you along the dusty rutted road to the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

Monday Quotes!

Charles Spurgeon


Hope itself is like a star –

not to be seen

in the sunshine of prosperity,

and only to be discovered

in the night

of adversity.

3:00 A. M. Follow Up!

It took some doing but I found a song that is almost the same as to what I heard on the radio just in case you might want to hear it:

One more little note I sorry for taking so long to get around to reading all of your post, many of which deserve a comment yet I find words hard to come by as of  lately.  I am also sorry for taking so long for getting back to your comments you have made to me and again I am having a hard time finding words for a reply. Lack of words may also be why I have not written much poetry as of late. God bless all of you and peace be with you, Amen.



3:00 A.M.!!!

It is 4:15 A.M. and I am on the road to work, praying something this:

God Abba how am I going to be able to do all that is ask of me? My days start at 3:00 A.M. I am on the road by 3:45, I spend this time praying, when I arrive at work I only have a half an hour to be alone with my Abba, I get home after 6:00 P.M. eat go to bed. I have no time for reading, no time for writing and just enough time to sleep and start this all over again. You know Abba I am not getting enough sleep, the work is very dangerous, and now on Saturday I am starting a new Men of One Accord. What about the children? How Lord? How? How Lord am I going to find time to study? How? But Lord You have asked and I will do all that is asked of me, I will not say no. To You I cannot say no. Abba loved me before I knew what Love was. I love You my Abba and You I trust. How could I ever tell my Abba no?

Before I started the next words of my prayer these word of the song on the radio jump out: “God is going to move this mountain too. Only with His hand will move this mountain one rock at a time.”
What Joy, What Peace, What Contentment filled my heart and soul knowing God is moving this mountain. God’s hand is moving this mountain one rock at a time. WOW!

Today is Friday around Noon the day got rained out, I returned home around 8:00 A.M. slept to almost Noon and now I am writing to you all! WOW! God just moved one rock of this mountain! Amen!
Also the Blog of; Men of One Accord is three years old! Thank-you my Lord for all You have done!
Thank-you all who follow Men of One Accord and for your prayers and blessings you bring to me!

Now may the Lord turn His face upon you and His smile fill your hearts with Joy, May His Love overfill your soul and songs of joy fill the earth from your lips, Amen

Monday Quotes!

Charles Spurgeon


I would go to the deeps

a hundred times

to cheer a downcast spirit.

It is good for me

to have been afflicted,

that I might know

how to speak a word in season

to one that is weary.

Resurrection Day!

Blessings to all today on the day we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Yeshua Messiah. May His peace and be with you and your family, Amen.
If Christ had only died and rose again to have paid the debt of my sins it would have been enough. Yet out of His great Love He poured out Grace upon Grace on me.
My wife asked of me if I had a new poem for today and I confessed to her, I do not.

For my heart is so heavy for the task that lies before me,
For my heart breaks for the men and women of this little church,
I have listen to them pray yet their words are dead,
I have listen to them sing yet their songs are dead,
Come Lord Jesus,
Come Holy Spirit,
Bring Your Resurrection,
to Your Church,

Please do not think I am not filled with joy this day for there is no greater joy than knowing Jesus Christ is alive. I am at peace knowing His Grace is sufficient, Amen.

Men of One Accord!

Tonight is Good Friday on this night my new church family will be commemorating the death of our Lord Jesus Christ with a Passover Dinner ending with Communion. We will also have another small church in our town joining us for the dinner. My pastor is going to announce the beginning of a new Men’s prayer starting next Saturday at 7:00 Am, inviting the men of both churches to join in Prayer of One Accord.
One thing I did confess to my pastor before all of this is I am not very good at leading. In fact I told him I am a much better follower than I am a leader.
His reply, “Sounds like you are perfect for the job. Some of the church’s greatest leaders are some of the greatest followers.”
May the Face of Our Lord shine upon you, May His Grace abound in you, and May His Love flow from your heart now and forever; AMEN!

Monday Quotes!

Charles Spurgeon


We have come to a turning point in the road.

If  we turn to the right 

mayhap our children and our children’s children

will go that Way;

but if we turn to the left,

generations yet unborn 

will curse our names

for having been unfaithful

to God

and to His Word.

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