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I once knew a man who loved sin no matter what the cost. He loved to steal, fight, break laws, and lust over numerous of things, but not limited to the above mentioned. This man finally got married, then saved, and finally started straightening out his life. Or so he thought. There was arguing, money issues, etc… Sometimes he felt like he needed to do whatever it took to make ends meet because every time he prayed for help he seemed to never find comfort. So he stopped praying. Needless to say there was not much room for Jesus in his heart anymore. Then it happened, his world was going great. There was not as much trouble or hard times in his life anymore. One day this man was approached by another and was asked to come pray with them. Of course there was no time for that, there was more important things in his life that needed to be done first. But this other man was very persistence and kept asking and asking and asking. You get the picture it was like a bill collector that keep harassing wanting to know where his money was. Finally the stray man gave in and went just to see what the hype was all about. Well come to find out the other man was a bill collector just one for God. Jesus wanted his son back at home with him. The man loved what was going on in his life and kept returning as often as possible. Again he felt as he did when he first asked Jesus to enter his life. thought nothing could go wrong. Then he ended up in the hospital, then laid off from work, bills were piling sky high again. What happened to the man? This time through his troubles instead of blaming God he rejoiced in his troubles. What in the world happened to the other man who blamed God for his troubles? Well let me tell you what happened. No longer did this man pray for himself alone, nor was he alone when he prayed about himself and more importantly praying for others. He also realized that all of these troubles were not troubles at all. How is that you might ask? These troubles from the very beginning were nothing but tests and guess what he failed horribly first go round. You see Jesus gave him another chance as a father will do. Without these troubles there are no tests. Now this man is asking for as much trouble as God will throw at him because all this is doing is causing one big word PERSAVERENCE. My brothers in Christ if life is well and things are going to smooth you might want to ask yourself am I doing the right things in my life! This is not intended just for people not involved in church but for you up there teaching and preaching as well. What is your congregation doing when there not sitting in front of you? Don’t know? Well my friend, where is your faith by your works? Has anyone else felt like a stranger in your church? Well did everyone not greet them as they entered the doors? Why not? Were they not wearing fancy clothes or maybe a little smelly? When that person feels unwanted they walk out that door and turn right back to well you can only imagine. The fore mentioned story of the man before and after was myself. I am proud to say that this is my testimony for the men of one accord. If it was not by Gods grace that this one man who entered my life and taught me to open my heart when I open my bible (not my wallet) then whose grace was it. Not the men of one accords grace but Gods grace. How many men in churches in your area actually go out and find Gods lost children and rejoice with them in there sorrow. why not? This is faith by works not by getting up every Sunday to sit and loose it all by Monday.

May God be with every man, woman, and child on this earth. Keep Jesus in your hearts and remember that every thing that happens is because it is Gods will not your own. Prayers that may at the time seem unanswered is your own selfishness that wants things according to your own will. Also remember that God is not only full of mercy, but is the God of judgement as well. This is my prayer for all.

After writing Do You Remember?
I could not write a better follow-up post than this!
I want to give a special thank-you to Rebecca writer of: Living on the Mountaintop.

Rebecca Aarup

Suggested Reading: Nehemiah 8:7-12

“It is a time to celebrate with a hearty meal, and to send presents to those in need; for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10 (The Living Bible)

It was a momentous day for Judah. For the first time in their generation, they read the laws of God as given to Moses. In an instant their spiritual eyes were opened to the truth-and how far they had strayed from it.

They wept incessantly. The Israelites were sorry for their sins and the sins of their ancestors and desperately wanted to make it right. Ezra and Nehemiah reassured the people that while it was ok to be sad over their sin, they shouldn’t live in that state of mind.

The truth of God’s word should bring repentance, but that repentance should give great joy as God’s mercy is celebrated. Celebrating the goodness of…

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Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

 Prayer is an Invitation: Revelation 3:20. “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door I will come into him and dine with him, and he with me.”

Prayer is an Invitation to God to come into the midst of our needs, our broken lives, our weakness, our unwillingness to obey God.

This was the very first message I gave to the Men of One Accord of my home town. It is also my first blog which maybe only two people have seen. Here is the point some men in a town twenty-seven miles south of me want to start a men’s prayer group. They have asked me to help them get started in a Prayer of One Accord. So I left it up to them to set the time and place and I would be there. All you have to do is give me a call and tell me where and when and I will be there. I was asked if I knew where this or that was in their town and I said no. They asked if I had GPS I said no, I have GGS {God’s Guiding System} no problem I will find you.

After prayer in my home town with my brothers Saturday July 14. I knew what the message was they needed to hear. I was to start at the beginning with them, Prayer is an Invitation. At home I pulled up my blog to get the only copy of Prayer is an Invitation and copied it by hand because most of my equipment has failed. It also allowed me to make changes as the Holy Spirit directed. Then with prayer and worship in my heart I waited for the call to spring into action.

The waiting reminded me of being in the Marine Corps during the Cold War. I served in HMX 1 the Presidential Helicopter Squadron. Part of that mission was to keep three helicopters ready to launch at all times 7/24, I was part of the air crew. The reason was to move high government leaders to a safe place in the event of nuclear war. We trained and were tested to the point that we could launch the aircraft within seconds of the call going out. When the call was given we never knew if it was a test, training, or real. Waiting for the call was the hardest part not knowing if the next call out was going to be real or a test. The next call if real would mean that the world would be changed forever, people you loved, family, and home burned, dead, never to be seen again. I was trained to snatch people up to keep them from burning in a living Hell. Of course I would be saved too but all the earthy things I loved would be forever gone, burned.

I got the call at 4:15 PM. It was not the call out I was expecting, it was my work place. Things were falling apart I was needed to come fix the problem, now. Driving to work I was asking God what is going on? I was sure God wanted me to help these men of the next town. I ask God if He was going to let Satan get in the way of His plans? What I found at work was a much bigger mess than I could handle on my own. I needed help so I called in my friend and brother in Christ, he is also one of the Men of One Accord. We worked and cleaned up the mess to the best of our ability without all the parts we needed to make a complete repair. It was only a band-aid repair to get by till Monday morning when we could get the parts to make a more permanent repair. Back at our trucks as I started to talk about how the Spirit of the Lord was moving in our prayers Saturday mornings. I spoke about how the Spirit just left us sitting there in tears speechless, enjoying His presence. That must have been like a spear to his heart for he said, “ I do not want you to make a comment about what I say.” I listened to him confess all the sin and how he had messed up everything in his life.  He was totally defeated, totally broken, and believed God would never take him back. I looked at him and said, “God has you exactly where He wants you.”  I did not ask him if he wanted to pray, I just started to pray. I had to answer God’s call to race out onto the battlefield and place my shield between him and all of Satan’s fiery darts. Condemnation had driven him far away from the cross and he did not know how to find his way back.

Ecclesiastes 4: 10; “For if they fall, one will lift up his Companion.”

My prayer was just me asking my Father if He remembered. I asked Him about all the times he restored me when I had fallen. When I had messed up, when I was alone, and all the other times He had to come to my rescue. Do You remember Father? I ask my Father if He remembered how He always poured out His Grace upon me in all the events of my twenty-three years of walking with Him. After I described each event of my life in detail I would then ask Father do You remember? In detail I would describe what He had done for me and asked Father do You remember? I then would tearfully requested each time of my Father to do the same for my brother.

By the time I was done with that prayer we were both on the ground in the dirt in prayer. Our tears of sorrow and shame turned into tears of joy and praise. For one who once lay dying on the battlefield was carried back to the foot of the cross to be healed and restored to life by grace. I too have been carried to the foot of the cross many times it just happen to be my turn to answer the call.

Abba Father thank-You for remembering my brother and I.

Prayer is an Invitation to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, which brings two Lovers into one joyful room of Grace, our God and our very wounded  soul.


Isaiah 6:8;

Also I heard the voice of the LORD saying;

“Whom shall I send,

and who will go for Us?”

Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

Do You Remember the last time you answered the Call?

My Father’s Throne

My Father’s Throne

With prayers in the Spirit

I reach to heaven

for my Father’s throne,

Father beckons, come child

you are home.

I race to kneel beside His feet

Father reaches down

and lifts me to His seat,

I curl up tightly in His arms

 I press in against His chess

His heart beatings sings

Love songs and lullabies

of peaceful rest

tears cascade down my face

Father’s strong nail scared Hands

gently caress, as Abba Father asks

what shall I do for you

My child?

I cry Abba Father nothing!

I just want to say

 I love you!

Abba thank-you for not letting

me walk through Life Alone!

as I rest at

My Abba Father’s Throne!

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