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A Son Off the Edge

A Son Off the Edge

On April 20, 1987 I was one of the best in my field, that morning at 6:05 AM was the end to a beginning. On the outside I looked like I had it all together, but I was a mess. I had a house, wife, two children, dog, cars and a motorcycle. The problem was I smoked pot, and drank. I hid it from the world outside of my home. I had a father that prayed for me for 30 years for the Lord to keep me safe and make me prosper. That is what the Lord did, because He loved my Dad so much. As a result I would fall deeper and deeper into sin the more I prospered. The problem was I was creating a path of destruction as ugly and wide as a category 5 hurricane. But one day Dad changed his prayer; “Lord do whatever it takes to break my son. Take everything he has, break his body do whatever it takes to bring him to You. Jesus please do not let my son lose his life without falling in love with You.”

April 20, 1987, 6:05 AM I was sitting on my motorcycle in the middle of an intersection waiting for it to clear to make a left turn. I watched a car blow through the stop aimed at my left side. I could have gotten out-of-the-way but there was no place to escape to. The car smashed into me on my left side. The force of the collision propelled me off my bike like a pool ball and I impacted head first into the windshield of that car cracking my helmet and embedding it with glass. I watched my bike shoot down the road on its side another 300 yards and smash into the back of a second car. I rolled off the hood of the car and bounced along the pavement and came to a rest on my back. I started to try to get up but someone grabbed me by the helmet and held me down saying, “You are hurt bad don’t move.” That is when the first wave of pain registered in my mind my body went into shock. I watched myself as my breathing stopped and all the pain disappeared.

My dad was driving my grandmother somewhere at the time of my bike wreck some 1600 miles away. The Holy Spirit came upon my dad and told him I was in trouble, so he pulled the car over. He stopped the car and he and my grandmother began to pray that prayer in one accord for me.

My accident took place less than a quarter of a mile from a fire station that had paramedics. It took the paramedics less than two minutes to arrive at the scene. I was dressed in full leathers and I watched them cut them off along with every other piece of clothing I had on. I watched as they said he has no heart beat. I watched as they put the paddles to me and shocked me back to their world. The pain was so intense I wanted to escape it and I did by giving up. The paramedics did not give up they hit me two more times with the paddles and got me stabilized for transport to the hospital. Every time the paramedics would hit me with the paddles I would come back to a full awake state and these men would ask me questions, dumb questions. Like do you know where you are? What is your name? Do you know what time it is? I could see a very large clock, so I told them the time and it was right which amazed them. What I did not tell them every time I was out I heard a voice say, “It is not your time go back.” There is so much more that happened on the road that day but I am leaving it out, for it would not change the outcome. To this day I remember every little detail that happened on that road April 20, 1987, at 6:05 to 7:12AM.

April 20, 1987, 7:23AM I arrived at the hospital.

Now the hospital they took me to was one of the best trauma wards in the nation. The things that they do to a person there is like something out of a horror movie. People hiding behind mask, surgical gowns, and rubber gloves all touching, poking, and sticking things into you. Asking where does it hurt or does that hurt? Do you know where you are? How many fingers? What time is it? These masked masters of torment enjoyed placing tubes in anyplace they found an opening if no opening was to be found they made one. At some point they grew weary of the torture they were inflecting and gave me some drugs for pain. The drugs had little effect on the pain the clock faded away, and the examination continued with x-rays cat-scans, and anything else they could come up with. The short list of damage is: crushed left foot, of which they would remove my little toe and most of the next one, all the bones between my ankle and toes had compound fractures and some crushing, twisted left knee, three broken ribs on my left side, sprained and bruised left elbow, bruised kidney, concussion, and a compressed fracture of one of my vertebra in my back.

They had to keep me awake because of the concussion but also I was going to need surgery on my foot. As for my back that surgeon said he was not going to operate on my back. Because everything had fallen into place and he could not have put it in place any better. What he was going to do is have a special brace made to keep my back from moving. Later that day I did go into surgery for my foot. I have no idea how long I was in surgery, for they were going to put many miles of stitches in it, rebuild it, and place a cast upon it, minus some parts.

A day or so later I was awaken in ICU by a nurse. I could not make out her features for my eyes had not learn to focus yet. She was soft-spoken and gentle for she came to bathe me. She was dressed in white and had a bit of a glow to her and the words she spoke I shall never forget. To this day I have never told anyone about what she said to me, for some unknown reason, I shall today.

As she washed away all the dried blood and dirt these are Her words, “God wants you know He still loves you. He said to tell you He is going to take back what is His. He wants to heal you right now, He will put your toes back on. He will stop the pain and you can get up right now and walk out of here. All you have to do is love Him. But you are not going to do that He said for you are a strong-willed one and a fighter. You will walk and run again and your body will be as strong as it has ever been. God is going to let you lose everything even the way you think. For you will no longer be able to think and solve the problems in the manner you do now. Your body is going to know pain all the days of your life.” She left the room and I have never seen or heard of her again.

She was right, in five days I left the hospital. In six weeks the cast came off my foot. In a matter of days I was walking again without crutches. In a few more days I was running not a little but miles, but there was the pain. Pain that drove me to anger and more drugs. Pain that made me more hateful and not let me think clearly. Pain that fueled my hatred which drove my then wife to the arms of another and pushed my children away. Pain, anger, hatred, jealousy, and drugs was causing my world to fall apart and nothing I could do to stop it. By February 23, 1989 I had managed to destroy everything in my life. I was alone.

February 23, 1989 I sat alone on a curb in front of a Thrifty Drug Store homeless. I was in a state of mind that was dangerous. I was about ready to kill someone, kill my self, or both. I sat there and for some reason I cried out to God, “God! Can You save me now?” Within a few minutes a blue Toyota van pulled up. The couple inside asked, “Do want to go to church with us?” So I got in the van. They took me to church with them that Thursday night a church like I have never been to before.

The music had already started when we walked in, the couple disappeared into their seats. I stood in the back of the church with my back against the wall to hold me up. The Spirit of the Lord was so strong in that room all I could do was cry. As the music played the Lord lay bare my life and began to x-ray my soul. The ushers did not bother me they let me stand there as if they knew God was doing surgery on my heart. I cannot tell you what the songs were, I cannot tell you what the pastor said, all I could do was stand there and cry. After the pastor had spoken and the invitation was given I could not even walk to the front of the church. The couple came and found me and never said a word they just helped me make that walk. A pastor was there and he prayed with me I do not know if I even prayed. Then there were people all wanting to know me and care for me. They loved me before they even knew me and they pulled me into their church. I became their brother that February 23, 1989.

Three things that never happen again after that night; I never abused drugs again, I never saw that couple again,and I was never alone again. The people of that church were always close at hand and they taught me how to pray, study, be a disciple, and love Jesus! AMEN!

A man of the world named Jim died that night, but a new child named James was born In Christ Jesus.

February 23, 1989 was the Beginning with  No End.


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123 thoughts on “A Son Off the Edge

  1. James, how very brave of you to share this experience with us! Thank you, so very much, for doing so. I get this feeling that I needed to hear or read this tonight. At times, I feel like things get a little mundane between me and God and something will happen that perks me right up and I can hear Him say, “remember Ellen…remember how I love you and brought you to this place this day.” We, as people, gain much from hearing other peoples’s stories and testimonies. It inspires us, brings us hope, and helps us to know that we are not alone. Thank you, my friend, for your courage in sharing this. I am so grateful in how God has molded you into be today! Yours in Christ, Ellen

    • Ellen, I am so grateful for your kind comment and also grateful to our Lord that this was a blessing to you. This testimony I have told over and over again through the years as I have walked With Jesus, but have never written it down till now. It was hard to do and the spiritual warfare Has been unreal, Thank-you and everyone else for your prayers. May our Lord Jesus Christ carry you every step of your life, My precious Sister In Christ. AMEN! James

  2. Christine on said:

    Thanks for sharing this, James! You must have written it through tears, bringing it all back to mind. May God this message and you for your willingness.

    It’s awesome what God does to reach lost souls; it’s so true that He “moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform.”

    • Sweet Sweet Christine, Yes there was tears in writing this and there has been many in the years of sharing this story face to face with others. Tears when ones heart has yielded to Christ in rejoicing. Tears for the one who says I am all most persuaded but not today. Thank-you for the kindness of your comment! May the words that Our Christ Jesus gives you always find the yielded heart. AMEN! James

  3. We must have been on each others site at the same time, I just read this…. 3.5 toes, got it!!

  4. Planting Potatoes on said:

    Oh how I can relate! Isn’t it amazing that when God allows us to suffer pain, he is still there to help us through it! Even when he banished Adam and Eve, he clothed them first and made sure that were ready to face the world…Praise God…I have felt the pain and cried just like you…I was even homeless like you….but just like you, God rescued me, isn’t that just awesome! God bless you (we should talk sometime!) 🙂

    • Amazing love to think a king would become a servant that would die for us.
      Amazing mercy to think a king would leave his throne to come and rescue a lost one.
      Amazing grace a king would shed blood to heal a broken one.
      Amen! James

  5. When I was laying (lying?) on a stainless steel emergency room table having my face sewn back on after inhaling the horn of a flipped-over ’67 fastback Mustang, a “nurse” whom I could not see stayed with me and held my hand. No one remembered her being there but me.

    • Oh how our Abba Father loves us! Thank-you my brother for sharing this. Anthony Do you think it might have been the same nurse you and I had? God blessed us! Amen! James

      • I have to add a little to that story, James. I was so messed up that my mother, a career medical professional, could not stay in the room with me – her own son. I hurt so badly because the nerve damage wouldn’t permit any pain-killing shots to work – everything just drained down my throat, while I felt every stitch. My face was so swollen I couldn’t see a thing.

        Then this “person” came up beside me (“I’ll send a Comforter”), spoke with a female voice (because I am sure a male voice wouldn’t have been as comforting), and said, “Whenever it hurts, just squeeze my hand. I’ll stay here with you.” James, I was a martial artist who could break boards with those hands. I must have squeezed hard enough to break every bone in “her” hand. Yet, I was never alone. Praise God, I was never alone.

        Later, I wanted to find this “nurse,” or whatever. Somebody said that they think they saw a candystriper (volunteer) that day, but they weren’t sure. Nobody knew who it was that held my hand. Now seriously, James. This was a major hospital ER. Nobody just walks in without anybody having a clue who the person is.

        Yes, God blessed us.

      • Yes Anthony Our Abba Father blessed us, in my case it was with grace even though I was still living in sin.
        I wonder how many other stories are out by others who have been blessed by grace in this way? If anyone has a story like this would please tell it here in my comments and God Bless to all! Amen! James

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    • Christine, Your kindness to me is blessing beyond any dream I have ever hoped. You have brought tears to my eyes for when I read it I read about a man I always wanted to be. Thank-you again for your kindness! When you write and as you have written your post, may your words reflect the Christ who is in you our hope and glory. AMEN! James

  7. God is good, He is living, His timing is perfect! Praise God! This is an awesome testimony! I’m encouraged! Thank you for sharing your story!

  8. Your story is a testimony to the love of God in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  9. James,
    The story of your new beginning means so much to me. I too have a son who needs to fall in love with Jesus.
    Your story gives me hope.
    Please pray for Joshua.
    Thank you so much,…
    God bless,

  10. From sadness to joy; from rags to riches; from ashes to beauty.
    I have no wreck story… but i did walk in a dark lonely tunnel for awhile and the darkness was sort of a friend until Jesus came and lit my heart again. Then i felt out of place in the darkness and never wanted to return. His love envolopes me and prevents me from hiding in aloneness.

  11. James,
    Thanks so much for sharing your testimony on your blog. You have touched so many lives. Most people can’t share something so personal. God bless you now and always. Betsy

    • Betsy, You have touched my heart, I have only been trying to be obedient by sharing what Jesus has done for me. I am not a great Bible teacher and will never be able to go Bible College But Jesus has given me a place to tell my story. May you see His face in all that you do, Amen

      • James, There is no greater gift you can give to others than your testimony of what Jesus has done for you. You have done that better than any Bible teacher could. It was prophecied that in the Last Days those that will carry God’s message around the world (or on the internet) will not be learned men, but simple folk filled with the glory of God. I think you would qualify for one of these Last Day messengers. Keep up God’s work. He has blessed you. Betsy

  12. Oh MAN! Now I know why you haven’t stopped following. You can’t… Just like me. I can’t either. I know we love God so much for all He has done but it still pales in comparison for His love for us…. Amen James, what an AMAZING testimony.

    • Shimuha, Sing with me, How Great is our God? How great is our God? Sing with me so all the world can Hear How Great is Our God!!! Amen and Amen! Sing to Him this as His face smiles upon thee and blesses you with Love, Amen, James

  13. spiritualsignposts on said:

    What a testimony James, God is so good! May He continue to bless you, watch over you and use you for His glory.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Nick I enjoyed your blog very much and will be back. Your blessing is received with much thanks but the praise goes to God who gave His Son for us to freed from are sins, Amen Please come back and comment again? May the love Jesus be upon all that you do, Amen. James

  14. James, first I apologize for reading this sooner. It was published just as I started Calculus, and that class took all of my spare time and more for 8 weeks. The thing that pushed me to read it today is a “safer” miracle. A young man at work, with whom I have been having conversations about God for about a year, started attending church with his girlfriend (who worked with us until last week). Over the Thanksgiving break this past weekend he knelt before an altar confessing his need for our Savior! He told me today soon after getting to work!

    I thought you might enjoy that. What made me think to read this was hearing his story, and “for some reason” all I could think was “Read ‘A Son Off the Cliff'”. So I did!

    • Daniel, My Dear brother you have no reason to apologize, sounds to me our Abba Father had a better time planned for the reading. In its time I sure would love to hear this young man’s story. Jesus the Savior,our King Forever, Amen

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  16. trusthismercy on said:

    Thank you so very much for the liking! I looked for the first time at your Website, and wow, are we at the same Level! i love everything you write, especially the Poem “At My Fathers Throne”! Abundant Blessings to you for everything you do, and especially at Christmas! I will follow your Blog now! God Bless!

  17. This is one of those stories where I’m wondering what happens next and how God cared for you after you came to know Him. Is there a sequel to this post? 🙂

    • The post, “My First Christmas”, is one of those sequels. I guess I will have to write the stories how He cared for me from time to time there are so many! One thing is Yeshua is not done with the me yet He is still working on my love story just as He is yours, Amen. Many Blessings, James

  18. Our lives are filled with “miracles” if only we would pay attention. Your story is an inspiration and I honor your courage. How often tragedies turn out to be blessings. Thank you for sharing the link to this story on Source of Inspiration. hugs, pat

    • Pat, I am so grateful you read my Testimony it is the one story I nerve tire of telling and wish all to hear. Thank-you for following Men of One Accord. Blessing I pray for you this day and every day, Amen.

  19. Wow, James! I definitely see God in all this. To be honest, I asked myself “Why am I talking back and forth with this person I’ve never met and especially about my testimony?” Now I know. Thank you for leading me here and I know what I need to do now. I have no doubt that He will lead me to tell what He wants me to tell when and where He wants me to tell it. 🙂 One of the verses He continues to lay on my heart is “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. When I share you will see why this means so much to me. His leading these past couple of days is again evidence that He means what says and that He is real and that He is present! Blessings! Ann

    • Ann, Just think I took off work today to take my wife to the doctor, if I had not, this exchange of blessings would not have taken place. Ann you have blessed me more than you may have dreamed, thank-you. Trails Into Blessings, like a pebble dropped into a pond, only God’s love can do that, Amen.

      • Amen! Though I am not happy that your wife needed to go to the doctor, I am grateful for your response. I pray she will be well soon 🙂 Blessings, blessings and more blessings…Ann

  20. This is an extremely powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing. Praise God for what He’s done in all of our lives. May God continue blessing you.

    • Darlene, Yes I Praise God for all that He has done for all of His children, Amen! Thank-you for your love and kindness and for following Men of One Accord! May all your days be filled to over flowing with Blessings, Amen.

  21. James, wow! I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I am not sure how I managed to never notice your testimony page, it is so powerful! Your writing has blessed me in so many ways with all your encouraging posts, quotes, prayers poems and so much more. I am so so glad that your father prayed for you and that Jim died and James was born. May God continue to bless you as you continue to share those blessings with others.

  22. Hi James, Thank you for sharing so honestly from your heart both in your Posts and comments, how wonderful that God used your accident for good, yes you suffered and He was saddened that you did but His strength in you was sufficient. I too messed up my life and ruined all that was precious to me and like you I wanted to end the heartache I was feeling but like with you too, God rescued His lost sheep and together we have climbed the mountain.

    God bless you greatly and uplift you, so that together with the Lord as you soar over the problems that life brings and rejoice in the times of enriching, you will know His deep inner Joy through the Spirit and regardless of how rough the terrain is you will have asurance that God will work it all out for good.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne.

    • Anne, Your words are so loving, sweet, and uplifting thank-you! Your blessings I receive with an open heart and hands not wishing to hold onto but to pass on to another and another and another! May the Lord cause His Face to shine upon as you go about blessing others, Amen.

  23. James, what an amazing testimony that you have shared. Thank you for reaching out to God. I look forward to reading so much more from you and I will be honored to call you friend.

    May God continue to shine through you and may He continue to bless your ministry that will lead many to the arms of the Savior.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to getting to know you.

    Be blessed my brother.

    Yours in Christ,
    Sandy(AKA leftnfree)

    • Sandy, Some of us are so hard headed, so stiffed neck, we must sink into total disrepair before we cry out to Christ for help. As for calling me a friend thank-you, but we are much more than friends. We are family you are my sister in Yeshua our Messiah! 1 Thessalonians 5:28; The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

      • Amen,! Yes, the human being is a hard headed and often stiff necked breed for sure. I agree we are family due to Yeshua and our relationship with Him. Be blessed James, I look forward to reading more from you!

  24. James, as I read your testimony I couldn’t help but think of my 27 year old son’s death on Sept. 2011, from a motorcycle accident. He died from head and chest injuries. He was riding on a highway and crashed into the back of a van as it did an abrupt stop for a deer, he was going to pass but couldn’t. I just wrote a post yesterday about something God allowed me to see about the day he died.

    You have an amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing it and for showing us that God doesn’t give up on us even when we couldn’t care less about Him and that your prayers, and your father’s prayers were honored that day on the curb. I hope your relationship with your kids has been healed. Blessings, Elizabeth
    you can read the post I refer to if you like here.

    • Elizabeth, What a powerful post you have written I am so honored by you linking it to Men of One Accord God Bless, Amen.

      • I’m sure you’ve thought that had your motorcycle accident been fatal, where that would have left you. Praise God, He is so generous with His grace with us!
        And, praise God for such a faithfully praying father as yours!

  25. Amen.

  26. Amen… I praise God for His Healing and Restorative Power!! Many blessing to you, my brother!!

  27. Praise God!
    Psalm 51:17 comes to mind reading your testimony. Paraphrasing, “The sacrifice You require is a broken spirit, and You will not turn away a repent heart, God.”

    Amazing testimony. I love reading about what God has done in the lives of others. Thank you so much for sharing brother!

  28. So inspiring, James! I praise the Lord with you. God is good to us.

  29. Zsuzsanna Tomlinson on said:

    I try find words to tell you how deeply touch me your testimony. In my eyes in tears for two reason because of his grace and that lot of pain on what drawing to him. Thank you brother.

    • You have blessed me my brother in Christ, thank-you! May the peace of the Lord be with you, may His love surround you, May His joy over fill you as He smiles upon you, Amen, James

      • Zsuzsanna Tomlinson on said:

        Oh you put me smile on my face James. One weeks ago I had surgery and take out from me every hardware what a woman has, I knew I last my gender I am not woman anymore, but I did not thought about myself as a brother. It is so funny…
        Thank you this beautiful blessing. I wish you his presence in your life what make you just more thirsty.

      • I am so sorry!!! I mis-read your name I do things like that often I have dyslexia which gets me into trouble all the time. If you are laughing at me I am blessed. Please forgive my sister my prayers go with this note, God Bless, Amen.

      • Zsuzsanna Tomlinson on said:

        Don’t ever worry about it ! The situation was comic and more laughing on myself , and I needed. I take to seriously this lost and this little moment bring in my life laugh. Otherwise with the names I have problem too. In this country my country now but so many nationality is here…give hard time to think about it after I know the name find the right gender. The good thing in this very colorful nation give filed for the mission to let the people know who is Jesus.
        You be blessed and your loved ones .

  30. True_Worshipper on said:

    Amazing testimony! The glory of God reflected in this post solidifies in my soul why I would dare not serve another! Praise the Lord!

  31. This is a beautiful story and it is all the more powerful because it is true. We have such a mighty powerful great and awesome God. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for your blog which is filled with encouragement for the soul. Your words here have been a blessing to me. Thank you for loving your life for Daddy and pushing others to do the same. ❤️

  32. Amazing Love how sweet the sound. Thank you so much for sharing that Joseph. Be bleesed, Al

  33. Men of Accord your testimony is compelling. I’m so grateful that now you see everyone who doesn’t have Jesus in their heart is under the enemy’s power. If you are not grounded in the Word of God temptation will come for you. It is not God, it is Satan doing his best work. It is out to steal, kill and destroy all God’s children. Mans job is to obtain the Victory over Satan. We must continue to fight Satan with the Word of Jesus.”It is written, “You shall not tempt the Lord your God” (Matthew 4:7). “Get behind me Satan! For it is written, ” You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve” (Luke 4:8) Thank you for sharing, May God continue to Bless you 🙂

  34. What an amazing testimony! Oh, the power of prayer and a yielded spirit. Blessings to you, my brother.

  35. Reblogged this on Angel Song and commented:
    This is a beautiful Testimony of how the Lord Jesus saved the soul of a man who resisted God for years.

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    Have the tissues ready. This is such a beautiful testimony. All glory to God.

  37. What a precious testimony of the power of God to change lives.

  38. That story is wonderful, in that it had a happy ending. Thankyou for posting it.

  39. Gob-smacked. Why haven’t I read this post sooner?! Your story needs to be heard more widely – if the Lord prompts you to do so, I think you should share this with a publisher. Even if it isn’t exactly the format of Chicken Soup For the Soul, I hope this story makes the radio somewhere or finds its way into the hands of people who are searching. I love how you got to the point and your story drew me in consistently – no words were wasted. You are an incredible writer with an amazing story of salvation to share.
    I am curious to know how things panned out in the following decades – do you have posts about your recovery and how things unfolded after you returned home from hospital?

    • 🙂 I think I shall share this with the publisher. As for when I got out of the hospital my body healed somewhat quickly and my spiritual, home life and work life went down hill very quickly. In 2001 I had what some might say growth spurt in my spiritual life and a call upon my life. As for writing about that time I have not to much. Who knows what I shall write in the future.
      Another way to get in touch if you wish not to do it on word press is at
      Thank-you for coming to my aid God Bless! 🙂

  40. Do you think that the nurse may have been an angel? I was thinking of the verse about “entertaining angels unawares” as I read that bit.

  41. God has a habit of keeping material He needs to use! Glad he hung on to you!

  42. Like this a lot! You’re never out of God’s reach and never far from doing his work when he needs you! Great testimony and keep doing the will of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  43. Hallelujah! Love hearing how our Lord grabs people and changes lives. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have opportunities to share Christ’s Story in you often.

    • Just tonight at the restaurant my wife and I ate I shared my story with someone I never met before. Thank-you for blessing me this day and God Bless you more.

      • Praise the Lord. Thank you for sharing this opportunity you were blessed with. A real highlight as I prepare for sleep. God’s continuing Blessings. George.

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    A testimony of God’s Faithfulness, a praying father, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, and Victory in Jesus Name.

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  46. Hi! In addition to blogging, I do articles for If you’re not opposed to it, I would like to do an article on you. It would entail the use of some photos if you could send me a few. Then I might have a few questions. It looks like your text here is fairly straightfoward and probably wouldn’t need too much re-working, since you’re such a good writer yourself.

  47. !!!
    Awesome …..

  48. michaelmccleskey on said:

    What an inspiring and radical testimony! Thanks for writing, God Bless you!

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  50. I got teary-eyed reading your testimony. Praise the Lord for your life and the life of the people God has used for your to be saved. 😀

  51. Greetings! I’ve been reading your web site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead
    and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas!
    Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  52. What a great testimony of the persistent pursuit and love God has toward us. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Hello there! This post couldn’t be written much better! Looking at this post
    reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually
    kept preaching about this. I most certainly will send this post to him.
    Fairly certain he’s going to have a good read.

    Many thanks for sharing!

  54. Ink Pastries on said:

    How lovely that your father changed his prayers for you as the Holy Spirit has guided me to different prayers as well. Before I was born again, and even a while after, I prayed for “all to go well” with people in my life, but those prayers did not feel authentic so I kept asking God what was the prayer that really counted, and He answered (later through a BSF group leader having a casual conversation over lunch): It’s okay to pray to God for “whatever it takes” to bring people to the truth, and trust Him to do the rest. Your father no doubt hated seeing your whole life (and body) fall apart, but when we rely on idols (especially worshipping our “own thoughts” and “bodies”) it will happen sooner or later, and I’d rather it happen for all of us before it’s too late to make a decision with our free will FOR God, who is FOR us. Praise be for God’s mercy for you, for me and for all born-agains to be!!! God’s love is real and His Son awaits our confession, Sheri

    • WOW! You are so right things happen when we submit to God’s will and His judgement, Amen! Thank-you for commenting and blessing me this day. God Bless you and His peace be with you, Amen! 🙂

  55. This was very powerful statement, and now I know as to why the name you picked. Powerful, sad and motivating also, I´m one that has recently discovered HIM. Thank´s for sharing your story. God Bless.

  56. kingjameswriter1965 on said:

    I read your testimony here and it made me think of my husband. He too was in a horrible motorcycle accident in 2010. He was rolling down a busy street and a truck was parked on the right side, sticking out so he had to veer around it. Going the opposite way on the same street was a car. The car turned into his lane and the bike flipped over it, throwing my husband over the hood and onto the street. His hips were shattered into 6 pieces. He had broken ribs. They had to put him back together, his hips joined by a big titanium brace which prevents him from standing up straight. He had everything you had afterward, the surgeons, the torture, the pain, and still has it. The driver got away unscathed. ???? This accident happened a couple years after my husband had open heart surgery which he didn’t expect to survive. He is not saved. He won’t have anything to do with God or church. He hates that I go to church and that I brought my kids to church when they were young. Now adults, they have since turned their backs on God. I am the only believer in the home. I pray for them to come back to church but I often feel hopeless about it. I feel lonely but I know Jesus is with me. I often feel like I don’t pray enough for them out of anger at their defection. God is still working on me though. A lot of bitterness has been eradicated. Anyway that’s all from me. I am on here every day. Writing is my passion. Thanks for reading.

    • When I feel hopeless that is when faith is a live, holding onto God’s promise that He is faithful to do a good work through me and in me for His glory. Learning to trust in God’s prefect judgement and His prewfect love to do His will in our lives and around us. Everytime I feel/ as though I am about to give up God reveals more of His love His power and His grace to keep praying on, and to keep presing on. Your words have moved me to prayer and I will be praying you and your family, for God is not willing athat ANY should perish. Blessings My dear sister in Christ Jesus and peace be with you, Amen. James

  57. God bless you for this brother. Thanks for the encouragement! No words for what Jesus did and do for you and for me each day. To Him be the glory!

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