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Pray Like a Child II

Micah Prays for Tigger

Tigger is our cat he is about six years older than Micah. Tigger is a really BIG cat. He is a big-boned,  Heavy Weight Tabby Cat. Tigger at his prime was about the size of a small bobcat, with a long tail, weighing 40 pounds, with bulging muscles. The BIGGEST thing on Tigger is his paws, he is a polydactyl, meaning he has a lot more toes on his four paws than a cat should. Tigger has a total of twenty-nine toes on his four paws, most cats only have a total of eight-teen toes on their four paws. There are other cats out there who have been blessed with extra toes such as the famous Hemingway cats, that have only one extra toe on their front paws. Tigger is a very loving cat, he loves people, loves children, and loves to love on anybody. Tigger will love you before he even knows you, he will love you even if you do not like him. If you are sick in bed Tigger will never leave you He stays in bed with you night and day by your side. Tigger lets Micah do anything to him he wants and I do mean anything. Everybody who meets Tigger just loves him and wants to take him home with them for they do not know what they ask.

Bad things about Tigger; He loves to sing, at all hours of the night in the bath tub.His singing voice can wake the dead, he has a very big off-key, loud voice. Tigger is a mouthy cat who will back talk you, complain about no food, wrong food, litter box not clean or any other thing that does not meet his standards. Tigger will keep up his loud off-key annoying complaint till he gets his way or threat of loss of life.  He  likes to check and see if you are still breathing in the morning. Tigger does this by crawling upon your chest, pinning your shoulders down with his front paws, his back paws on your hips, and placing his nose as close to your nose without touching. The joy of awaking face to face with a loving 40 POUND CAT can only be described as a blessing. Tigger will eat anything that is of plant life real or fake, even pink cellophane grass. Tigger has even tried to eat our Christmas tree real or not. The One reason Tigger is not allowed to go outside, for he will eat it dead or not. Tigger acts more like a dog than a cat,  He comes when you call, he sits, and greets you at the door.  I love Tigger very much, good or bad he will always be my cat/dog! I do have three other dogs but Tigger is still the alpha male.

Tigger’s love for eating foliage was almost the death of him. Somehow one day Tigger ate a palm tree branch. Now here in Florida some people eat palm trees and in other parts of this country people eat pine trees and think it is good food. As for me eating a tree, no thank-you, I am not a giraffe and neither is Tigger. The branch he ate balled up inside of him like a soccer ball and we rushed him to the vets. Tigger was about lifeless and the vet took x-rays and said he could operate but doubted if  Tigger would live through it and wanted to put him down. I could not put Tigger to sleep, so I took him home to die.

Later Micah and his year  younger sister Sidney came over to visit and saw Tigger his old friend sick. Micah asked, “What is wrong with Tigger.” Telling little Micah, Tigger whom he loves, is dying is one of the hardest tasks on earth to do. Being the brave man who I am, I let my wife tell him. Seven year old Micah looked at her and said, “Tigger is a good cat he does not have to die.

Micah walked over to Tigger’s bed where he was laying, got down on his knees beside him,  and starting petting him as he prayed.  His sister Sydney saw him and  ran over to join him . They both started to pray .“Jesus Tigger is a good cat. I love him and he is sick. Tigger needs for You to make him well so we can play.  In Jesus name, Amen.”

Sydney said, “Amen.” They got up and ran off to play, in about two hours Tigger joined them.

A year or two has pasted and Tigger is sick again, this time it is much more worse. His kidneys have stopped working, he cannot control his bladder, and a lot of blood is in his urine. Again off to the vets, again the doctor says nothing I can do, again doc says we should put him to sleep, and again I take Tigger home to die.

Again Micah and Sydney come over, again Micah and Sydney pray, again Jesus answers the children’s prayer. and again Tigger is playing with them before the end of the day. I also heard my grandchildren singing songs to Jesus and thanking Jesus for making Tigger well as they played.

Mark 9:23-24; Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Immediately the father of the child cried out with tears and said, “Lord I believe;help my unbelief.”


My grandchildren believe without question that it pleases Jesus to heal Tigger for them. Abba Father, I cry out with tears, I believe, help my unbelief. Someday I too will learn to Pray Like a Child.

Micah will be 13 years old soon and Jesus is still answering his prayers. Tigger, well his golden hair has turned white with age and I live with a cat that will not die. I guess I am going to leave Tigger to Micah in my will, Amen.



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26 thoughts on “Pray Like a Child II

  1. RebeccaAarup on said:

    I need to see a picture of this cat! My cat only has two extra toes 🙂 (what appear to be kitty thumbs)

  2. James I like this post as I have a cat to
    But I’m touched by the simplicity of children trusting Jesus, thanks and I’m glad that your posting but this message is very clear….

    • PJ, With Micah’s Help on this reply, “Prayer is simple, as we grow-up we make it harder. As an adult prayer becomes complicated with finding words. Prayer only needs a good heart and a good attitude that will get the job done.” God bless, Micah & Papa

  3. Planting Potatoes on said:

    I thought you were talking about Elvis! 🙂 I think these guys would be buddies! but the most important thing is how Micah is learning about prayer!

  4. Christine on said:

    Oh, that’s beautiful — a story with two happy endings! I have concluded over the years that God does these things to build up the faith of children. How else can He teach them that He’s there and has an answer when they have a problem.

    I can think of a number of answers to children’s prayers that we adults would call “an amazing coincidence.”

    • Christine, It is true God answers our prayers both as little Children and as Grandparents to build our faith. I would love to hear of the answers to the prayers of children for as adults we need to have our faith rebuilt into that of a child’s, Amen James

  5. This is a touching post. Beautiful and well written.

  6. The first time I was ever involved with a “faith healing” through the laying on of hands was when I was a 16-year-old new believer, and my cat’s jaw was dislocated and he was sick. I snuck into my parents room the Sunday afternoon after I heard about praying for the sick, and put my hands on his head. I prayed “God, I do not know if You heal animals like You heal humans, but I know You can do anything. I also know you like helping us when we ask. Please heal my cat in the power of Jesus’ Name, whatever that means.”


    His jaw suddenly snapped back into place, and our cat who had not meowed in several days meowed! He ran over to his dish and meowed for food!

    I have been a huge believer in prayer and God’s power ever since.

    • Daniel, First I am sorry I took so long to reply! To me this is just also one way Jesus shows us grown-ups, just how much He wants to be involved in the little thing in our life. By making big things out of what is important to Children. God Bless, James

      • I understand taking time! I have done that quite a bit as of late!
        God has blessed me with an abundance of faith, but every now and then I still need that reminder. It is one of the reasons I so enjoy working with children and youth. They can see past the crud (whether they realize it or not) and pick out the truth, even if it confuses them and/or causes us some ego-bruising! I like using the excitement our youth have over going to a conference and finding a silly toy that ends up taking up so much of their time as a reminder that God works in the small things way more than the large, and our little bit of faith is often what He uses to make them happen.

  7. I too have come to know the Love of Christ for children, I love to read in the scriptures I love to read the account of the resureccted Lord taking them one by one to bless
    21 And when he had said these words, he wept, and the multitude bare record of it, and he took their little children, one by one, and blessed them, and prayed unto the Father for them.

  8. Chris Jordan on said:

    I’ve nominated you for the “Food for Thought” blogging award. You can get all the details here:

    • Pastor Chris, Thank-you for honoring me with this nomination for this award. I am running behind in so many things it may take some time before I get to doing the work for this award. May our Lord Jesus give to you the wisdom needed to do the task He has called you for, Amen. James

      • Chris Jordan on said:

        You are vey welcome! I understand what’s it’s like to be busy, so please don’t feel under any pressure to rush to get the work done for the award. All in good time my friend! Blessings to you today…

  9. Pingback: Children, Free of dust | Dusting Our Lives

  10. Oh that we could all believe and have the unwavering faith of children! What a wonderous world this would be. Thanks for sharing, I am a ct person as well and can truly relate:) Yahweh bless you all.

  11. Amen. 🙂

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