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2012 in review

In August 2011, I was given my first computer and was teaching a men’s prayer group. One of the guys said you need to put what you write on the internet, I said I don’t know how, so we prayed. April 7, 2012 I started Men of One Accord just by stumbling across wordpress.  I still do not know how to do a lot of things like links and ping backs But I will learn in time. The growth of this blog is all a God thing and the loving hearts of His children out there, to Him I Praise only. From my heart to yours I thank-you for reading Men of One Accord. To all who read Men of One Accord may His arms embrace you and pull closer to His Throne so you hear His heart beat of Love, Amen. James                                                     The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 9 years to get that many views.

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Giving Baby Jesus for Christmas

I do the job as an electrician at a very large health care facility, over 900 hundred acres and twenty-seven buildings.  The facility cares for people who are brain injured, spinal injured, and/or have behavioral problems. In 2oo8 a young women came to our facility who has AIDS and Hepatitis. She was very angry, violent, and protected herself with projectile vomiting fits. This young woman is a life destroyed by the world and has a death sentence pronounced upon her soul. A young soul that knew nothing of Jesus except when expressed in a profane cruse of fear or anger. A soul waiting for time to end and be cast into Hell’s Pit. She is one of the least, one of the un-reached, unchurched, one that world has cast aside and forgotten. 

How can anyone break through her harden stone wall?

How Jesus How?

Who, Jesus will you use to reach out to this lost lamb?

The world had taught this young woman there is on such thing as love. The world taught this little one, no one cares and Satan has convinced her most of all God doesn’t even care to know her name. Sex, drugs and evil has taken her life and smashed it to pieces. All this broken vessel has to look forward to is death and then her judgment. So she was warehoused where I work to die alone where no one cares. 

My heart grew very heavy for this lost lamb for I too had been beaten down by sin, but that is another story for another day. So for her soul I would go before the Lord night and day to cry, “Use me my God to break through hell’s stronghold on this life. Use me to crack the walls of this torture chamber that surrounds this young woman. Use me to help this lost lamb find its way into Your arms.”

My weapons would be kindness and a caring interest for this battle. I volunteered for every repair that came up in her cabin. A cabin where she was locked away from everyone but two staff women. The staff was in fear of her, everyone was in fear of catching her disease, she was the walking dead. The battle lines were drawn for a fight to the death for one lost soul.

Why volunteer in such a dismal place? Maybe I could speak some words of love or show a small act of love, God’s love. I would ask all about her, how she was doing; make small talk, maybe she could see someone just might be caring.

One day this fearful lamb said to me, “you know James I’m dying.”

I replied with the truth, “I know, but you don’t have to die alone. You no longer have to live the rest of your days in fear of dying.” She could not even ask how, the question was written on her face. I went on, “Jesus loves you more than anything you can dream of; He died for you, and rose from the dead, so you no longer have to fear what is coming next. Jesus wants to take you in his arms right now, love you, and never let you go. Guess what? Purple, you will never be alone again.”

Her staff did not like where our conversation was going and put an end to it. I guess I don’t live in the United States any more where we had Freedom of Religion or Freedom of Speech. Yet I did manage to swing the sword of the Spirit, the wall cracked a small bit, in which a seed was planted. 

I learned at this time she had no idea who Jesus was and the mystery of the Gospel was a mystery. Mercy, grace, and faith were just words with an unreal meaning to her. All those churchly sayings we use around other Christians are useless. Washed in the blood, got saved, redeemed by the lamb, born again, and even sin was just a foreign language to this blind and death sinner. A true caring interest, kindness and much prayer weapons of war for what was going to be a very long fight.

Months went by, conversation after conversation; I watered the seed hoping for something. I was hoping for the seed to sprout. I was hoping that someone else would come alone side and explain Jesus in a better way than I. No one came. I was hoping that some man would join with me in a Prayer of One Accord no other man had the time. No other man wanted to stand with me for a fight to the death for this lost soul. Matthew 17:21, “However, this kind does not go out except by much prayer and fasting.”

I cannot use this young woman’s name in my writing this because of privacy act laws. I will start calling her Purple for I can see my Jesus adorning her in Purple someday. She is going to be a child of the King.

A few weeks before Christmas 2009 Purple ask me if I could get her some gum for Christmas. “Yes Purple,” I said “You can be sure you shall have your wish.”That night I told my wife what Purple had asked me to get her for Christmas because I would forget.

One night when my wife and I were at the Wal-Mart, she gently reminded me of my Christmas shopping. We picked up a large pack of gum and a nice gift bag. The gift bag was not my idea I don’t think like that. About a day or two before Christmas I placed the gum in the bag.

My wife said, “Please let me help you with that.” She got some tissue paper the kind you don’t use on your backside. You know most men don’t do pretty well, or they just play dumb at it. My excuse is I’m A.A.D. and my mind just moves on and on. 

“We have this book” my wife said. “Do think Purple would like it?” asking she went on, “It’s called “The Real Story of Christmas” What do you think?”

“HU!” I replied, “I think so. Sounds good to me?” Boy that bag of gum sure was getting bigger and prettier.

Have you ever noticed how at times your wife’s voice sounds just like the Holy Spirit? Wow! That sounds like something fun I would like to write about!! 

“Yes,” I went on to tell her, “Purple is not permitted to watch T.V. or listen to music, but she is permitted to read. She is kept inside by her prison guards and has very little contact with anyone.” The gift looked real good when my wife was done with it, for she had put Baby Jesus inside.

The day before Christmas my wife said, “Don’t forget Purple’s present.” Oh yes it was that voice again.  my wife is never awake when I leave for work, almost never. I’m almost never awake when I leave for work either. Not much of a chance of me remembering the package without help. Purple was asleep in a chair when I delivered her present that day. I just set it beside her on the floor and left, I felt a bit like Santa. I did get in a small amount of trouble for giving Purple that book a few days later. Purple’s reading material was to be censored by her case manager. They didn’t want to give her any false hopes. I guess;” The Night Before Christmas” would have been more appropriate. 

In January 2010 my boss took off to go hunting in another state he left me in charge of the maintenance department. No boss for a week this should be easy. By the end of that week Florida was having a record-breaking cold spell. Things began breaking all over the place at work. Busted water pipes, heater failures, cabins to cold, power outages, and generators not wanting to start were just some of the problems needing to be addressed. Friday of that week was to be the coldest night of them all I worked late into the night. It was so cold that the snow birds were saying they were going back north to get warm. Saturday I was called back to work at 4:00am for a host of problems. One by one I took them on and found solutions for them all by 8:30am. I then went to the main kitchen to get some left over breakfast. As I eating a thought came to mind that I should go building by building to make sure everything is ok before I returned home for some rest. When I came to Purple’s cabin and went in I found it to be warm and comfortable. I ask if there were any problems. I ask Purple how she was doing?

“James that book you gave me, I don’t get it!” Purple exclaimed.

I did not want to take the time to get into explaining that, I was in a hurry to get done and go home. My body was screaming for sleep and I didn’t want to talk right then. Before the first words came out of mouth to make an excuse, to get out of there:

I heard a soft gentle voice tug at my heart, “Why are you in a hurry? I placed you here to be in charge today.”

I lowered myself to the floor so I would be looking up at Purple . I began to tell her the old, old story of Jesus and how He loves us. Of how God loves us so much and wants to have a relationship with us but we all are sinners. God is perfect and Holy, He is the one and only God, creator of all things. God can’t look at sin without judging sin. So God can’t have a relationship with us because we are all sinners and He would have to judge us and punish us if He looked at us. So God became man to take the blame for our sin and receive our penalty of death for our sin. The words just came flowing out in a way I never heard myself speak before. No wandering from subject to subject as I normally do. I cannot even remember all I said that day. At some point Purple said something like, so that is why there is a Christmas, but I still don’t get it. I may have said nor do I, but all you have to do is believe. At some point that cold bitter morning a little lost lamb became found.

I felt very drained and God began to comfort me after I left Purple’s cabin that cold but beautiful morning. The Holy Spirit began to show me and remind me of all the little details He was in control of, like the cold. All of those little details of how He brought me into Purple’s life. The miracles He worked in my life, just to bring me from California to Florida. Of how He controlled my life preparing new places of employment all I had to do was say yes. I have never had to go looking for work the jobs always came looking for me. The details and miracles are so many I could fill thousands of books and that is just the ones I know about. He showed me all the people’s lives I have touched along the way and forgotten. I was so amazed that God would use a vile sinner such as I for this a very important mission.

This how one Christmas not so long ago I got to give away Baby Jesus. I still see Purple from day-to-day and shall again this Christmas She is growing  in Christ her health has improved and she is at peace with God.  

From Purple to all, “Merry Christmas and God Bless each and every one of you just as He has Bless me!”

James says AMEN!!


Face to Face

 He became a baby,

born in a stable of Bethlehem,

born from a virgin,

wrapped in rags,

laid in a manger,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He was proclaimed by angels,

worshiped by shepherds,

designated with a star,

sought by eastern wise men,

hunted by Herod,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

Driven into Egypt,

returns to Nazareth,

was strong in the Spirit,

and filled with wisdom,

Abba’s grace was upon Him,

He amazed the scholars,

worked with His hands,

 was only a son of a carpenter,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He was baptized in the Jordan,

heaven’s regal gates opened,

 like a dove as the Spirit descended,

Abba’s royal thunder exclaimed,

I AM well pleased!

This is My Son,

led into the wilderness,

hungry and thirsty

tested and tempted,

He sinned not,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He called the fishermen,

He called the tax collectors,

He healed the sick,

He fed the thousands,

and when He spoke,

 the wind and sea obeyed,

 He commanded demons to flee and death to retreat,

Pharisees questioned without compassion,

mocked by disbelieving Sadducees,

the Scribes demanded answers,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He came upon a donkey,

multitudes cried out,

our King has come,

Hosanna in the highest,

high priests plotted  murder,

thirty pieces of silver,

a price paid to be betrayed,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

In the garden of anguish He prayed,

as sweat, blood and tears droplets fell,

not My will but Abba’s be done,

faithless disciple used the betrayer’s kiss,

evil’s outraged mob arrested,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

His trial was contemptible,

accused of factitious crimes,

counterfeit witnesses testified,

Chief Priests judged Him guilty,

they condemned Him,

He must die

Peter denied Him thrice,

so we could love Him,

Face to Face.

Governor Pilate questioned Him,

He was flogged and punched,

He was spat upon and mocked,

He was crowned with thorns,

in Him no guilt was found,

the sentence was pronounced,

DEATH to the King of Kings,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He walked Gogotha’s lonely rocky road,

Roman soldiers nailed Him,

naked to the tree,

as all His blood flowed out,

He made His final decree,


He Died

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

 His body was placed,

 in a borrowed sealed tomb,

    Roman soldiers stood guard,

at death’s cold hellish gate,

three days later,

the earth’s ground rolled,

the Christ the Son of God,

walked out from death’s cold hold,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

Jesus was born,

suffered, died and rose again,

 He return to His throne,

to make for us a home,

soon and very soon He will return,

so we can love Him

Face to Face!

Please read and pass it on.

The Peanut Gallery

Christmas trees or ‘Holiday’ trees?
Posted on December 13, 2012 by kathleen


Apparently the White House referred to Christmas Trees as Holiday Trees for the first time this year which prompted CBS presenter, Ben Stein, to present this piece which I would like to share with you. I think it applies just as much to many countries as it does to America …

Ben Stein

The following was written by Ben Stein and recited by him on CBS Sunday Morning Commentary.

My confession:

I am a Jew, and every single one of my ancestors was Jewish. And it does not bother me even a little bit when people call those beautiful lit up, bejewelled trees, Christmas trees. I don’t feel threatened. I don’t feel discriminated against. That’s what they are, Christmas trees.

It doesn’t bother me a bit when people say, ‘Merry Christmas’ to me. I don’t think…

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Golden Bowls of Tears

At the altar

broken-hearted brothers’ and sisters’ painful

tears fall like rain.

 with golden bowls angels they come

to collect our tears of pain.

 God’s angels ferry

golden bowls of tears

to our Christ’s nail scared hands.

Our Christ pours as He weeps

 golden bowls of tears

 upon our Abba Father’s feet.

Tears of pearls, rubies, and sapphires

cascade down

tears dancing, shinning, glimmering

exploding into incense oh so sweet.

Honeysuckle, lilacs, roses

 no earthy fragrant can compete

with those tears poured out

 upon Abba Father’s feet.

 Tear filled clouds fragrant scent

reach heaven’s most High court

as Abba Father begins to weep.

Abba speaks

Let My power flow

Let My healing Power Flow

to my earthly Children below.

All earth’s painful tears fall

into heaven’s golden bowls,

when My earthly Children weep.

My First Christmas

My First Christmas

In 1987 if you have read, “A son Off the Edge”, you know that I found Jesus in February of that year. The people of the church welcome me in with open arms, first teaching me about Jesus as they helped me get on my feet. It was not free hand outs like one might think don’t work, don’t eat. I was helped in finding work and finding and a place to live. I got a small place that had three bedrooms of which two other men shared the duplex. I paid my own rent and food from a job I found cleaning fishing boats. The people of the church they still would not let you slip way. They kept me busy going here for Bible study and going there for dinner and prayer. When the demon of depression would close in for the kill on me it was not uncommon for one of the men to stay with me all night in prayer.  

As you might  guess I was still a bit of a mess a real work in progress when Christmas of that year rolled around. The only family I had at Christmas time was the people of the church. Due to legal problems I was not permitted to go near my own children. Yes the people of the church stood by me through this too. I did not know it but most of these people did Christmas different from others I have known. They like to have Christmas Eve Service and stay up real late at church, laughing, singing, drinking hot chocolate, and loving on one another. The next day, Christmas Day these Christians would come back to church, and they made me come too. They moved all the chairs in the sanctuary, put up tables, brought in Ham, turkey, beef, pies, cakes, cookies, and food and food and presents. These Christians would then take their children out into the streets to find Homeless People and bring them into their feast. These Christians treated the least of these, orphans, widows, and homeless like guest of honor. They seated the least of these in padded seats with tables covered in fine linen real flatware and plates. These Christians severed the poor as gracious waiters as if they where in a five-star restaurant the best in the world. The worship team performed Christmas music as if the Lord King Jesus Himself was their and He was. The children passed out wrapped presents to all no one was left out not even me. The House of the Lord was filled with love, laughter, songs of praise, worship, prayer, peace, healing, and tears of joy as the Holy Spirit embraced all who dined at the Lord’s table this Christmas Day.

This was how I spent my first Christmas as one of Jesus’ followers, it was a very Merry Christmas!     

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