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My First Christmas

My First Christmas

In 1987 if you have read, “A son Off the Edge”, you know that I found Jesus in February of that year. The people of the church welcome me in with open arms, first teaching me about Jesus as they helped me get on my feet. It was not free hand outs like one might think don’t work, don’t eat. I was helped in finding work and finding and a place to live. I got a small place that had three bedrooms of which two other men shared the duplex. I paid my own rent and food from a job I found cleaning fishing boats. The people of the church they still would not let you slip way. They kept me busy going here for Bible study and going there for dinner and prayer. When the demon of depression would close in for the kill on me it was not uncommon for one of the men to stay with me all night in prayer.  

As you might  guess I was still a bit of a mess a real work in progress when Christmas of that year rolled around. The only family I had at Christmas time was the people of the church. Due to legal problems I was not permitted to go near my own children. Yes the people of the church stood by me through this too. I did not know it but most of these people did Christmas different from others I have known. They like to have Christmas Eve Service and stay up real late at church, laughing, singing, drinking hot chocolate, and loving on one another. The next day, Christmas Day these Christians would come back to church, and they made me come too. They moved all the chairs in the sanctuary, put up tables, brought in Ham, turkey, beef, pies, cakes, cookies, and food and food and presents. These Christians would then take their children out into the streets to find Homeless People and bring them into their feast. These Christians treated the least of these, orphans, widows, and homeless like guest of honor. They seated the least of these in padded seats with tables covered in fine linen real flatware and plates. These Christians severed the poor as gracious waiters as if they where in a five-star restaurant the best in the world. The worship team performed Christmas music as if the Lord King Jesus Himself was their and He was. The children passed out wrapped presents to all no one was left out not even me. The House of the Lord was filled with love, laughter, songs of praise, worship, prayer, peace, healing, and tears of joy as the Holy Spirit embraced all who dined at the Lord’s table this Christmas Day.

This was how I spent my first Christmas as one of Jesus’ followers, it was a very Merry Christmas!     

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14 thoughts on “My First Christmas

  1. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and liking my blog. God Bless:) What a great example of what a church should be. Sounds like you were really blessed to find a group of believers that were there for you:)

    • Blessed yes, these people did not just teach, they lived it, if not I would have been lost forever.
      I did enjoy your post and shall be back. May our Jesus who’s love is beyond all understanding embrace you with a special joy above all else, Amen

  2. Awesome! Sounds like they weren’t just out to do good deeds, but to really care.

    A verse came to mind today ( I’ve been mulling it over — for myself first of all. I feel a blog post popping out.

    • James,
      Sounds like you experienced a Christmas unlike I have ever heard of–so full of love, caring and service in a Christian spirit. Thanks for sharing this with us. Betsy

      • Christmas is not about us it is about giving of ourselves to others who in noway can give back to you. That is what our Lord Christ Jesus did for us. I can never look at Christmas as the world does again this is my prayer for all my brothers and sisters in Christ, this is the Christmas gift I am giving this year, Amen

    • Good I can’t wait! Yes because of their good deeds I am now serving teaching and passing along the Love of Christ, I have another Christmas story that would not have happen if not for these people. Maybe I will get it done by next week! God bless and Merry Christmas!

      • I hope it’s okay with you if I read your account at our church at an evening service?

        I went looking for the scripture verse that came to mind, intending to include it in my comment, but hit “Post Comment” by accident. The verse was Luke 3:11. What if this really applied today — to ME? How seriously are we to take this?

        As I stop to add up all the commands and examples Jesus gave plus various ones in the OT, I realize that God’s main requirement is for us to be merciful to our fellow man. So am I practicing the gospel I profess? “Search me and try me, O Lord…”

      • Please feel free to use anything I have to help you or anyone else I look for no glory but it is Christ to whom I live for and praise. copyright is not my problem, for all that I have is Jesus I let Him deal with the copyrights. This a great and Very Merry Christmas.

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  4. Good Morning
    Truly “Songs of Praise” in action
    Allowing God to work through us is the greatest of all blessings
    God Bless

  5. What a beautiful post! Thank you, James!

    • Ellen, I love your loving and warming comments Thank-you. The real praise goes to Jesus for placing people in my life. People who are after His Heart that have taken the time to show me Jesus. I am still a nobody who just happens to love Jesus who is just writing down the things He shows me in my life. Have a very, very Merry Christmas with your first love Jesus, James

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