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Face to Face

 He became a baby,

born in a stable of Bethlehem,

born from a virgin,

wrapped in rags,

laid in a manger,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He was proclaimed by angels,

worshiped by shepherds,

designated with a star,

sought by eastern wise men,

hunted by Herod,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

Driven into Egypt,

returns to Nazareth,

was strong in the Spirit,

and filled with wisdom,

Abba’s grace was upon Him,

He amazed the scholars,

worked with His hands,

 was only a son of a carpenter,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He was baptized in the Jordan,

heaven’s regal gates opened,

 like a dove as the Spirit descended,

Abba’s royal thunder exclaimed,

I AM well pleased!

This is My Son,

led into the wilderness,

hungry and thirsty

tested and tempted,

He sinned not,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He called the fishermen,

He called the tax collectors,

He healed the sick,

He fed the thousands,

and when He spoke,

 the wind and sea obeyed,

 He commanded demons to flee and death to retreat,

Pharisees questioned without compassion,

mocked by disbelieving Sadducees,

the Scribes demanded answers,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He came upon a donkey,

multitudes cried out,

our King has come,

Hosanna in the highest,

high priests plotted  murder,

thirty pieces of silver,

a price paid to be betrayed,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

In the garden of anguish He prayed,

as sweat, blood and tears droplets fell,

not My will but Abba’s be done,

faithless disciple used the betrayer’s kiss,

evil’s outraged mob arrested,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

His trial was contemptible,

accused of factitious crimes,

counterfeit witnesses testified,

Chief Priests judged Him guilty,

they condemned Him,

He must die

Peter denied Him thrice,

so we could love Him,

Face to Face.

Governor Pilate questioned Him,

He was flogged and punched,

He was spat upon and mocked,

He was crowned with thorns,

in Him no guilt was found,

the sentence was pronounced,

DEATH to the King of Kings,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He walked Gogotha’s lonely rocky road,

Roman soldiers nailed Him,

naked to the tree,

as all His blood flowed out,

He made His final decree,


He Died

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

 His body was placed,

 in a borrowed sealed tomb,

    Roman soldiers stood guard,

at death’s cold hellish gate,

three days later,

the earth’s ground rolled,

the Christ the Son of God,

walked out from death’s cold hold,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

Jesus was born,

suffered, died and rose again,

 He return to His throne,

to make for us a home,

soon and very soon He will return,

so we can love Him

Face to Face!

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38 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. Excellent work! I don’t comment or compliment on poems often, but this deserves the highest level of appreciation. Outstanding, my friend.

  2. Reblogged this on My child-of-God self and commented:
    Obviously, I take no credit for this. Read it and thought it amazing!

  3. Reblogged this on Proverbial Thought and commented:
    Merry Christmas! Here is the Gospel in James’s new poem. READ IT!

    • Daniel, You are so good to me thank-you for the reblog. Yes this poem is what I feel when I think of Christmas the mystery of the Gospel. The praise all goes to our Lord Christ Jesus for He would not let me rest the last word was in its place, Amen.

  4. trusthismercy on said:

    This is just so excellent,I love it! Thank You! reading your Posts makes my Heart warm and emotional, because I am so happy to have found another great Brother in Christ! Merry Christmas James

    • Great is our Jesus I am still just a nobody who loves Him, Praise Him, Worship Him, in all we do. This poem did not come a vision it was born in one line plant in my heart, “He suffered so we could love Him Face to Face. The Holy Spirit planted it, Jesus water it, the Abba Father made it grow and all I did was just weed it. I am happy the Lord has let us find one another too, Amen.

  5. One day soon, we shall receive our crowns..and we will be with Him face to face. Thanks for this, James.

  6. Well done & comprehensive. I know a person can be torn by time considerations and it’s easy to put off writings that you know will take a lot of time to shape & smooth. So thanks for putting your thoughts into words and sharing them with us. May God bless you for it.

    • Christine, In my eyes for you to say the wonderful words of praise you have about this poem, is like winning a Grammy or better. This poem did not just flow it took much work hand in hand with our Lord. God Has blessed me and He shall you too, Amen.

  7. Pingback: Face to Face – by James « A little of Jesus

  8. Thanks for this wonderful poem!
    Reblogged it to
    God bless us!

  9. Face to Face – Heart to Heart
    God Bless

  10. Planting Potatoes on said:

    Thanks for sharing this with the world…it is one story that must always be shared! God bless you James!

  11. Reblogged this on My Life with Christ. and commented:
    This simple poem can show you how much God really loves us, by sending His only begotten son, so we could love him… Face to Face ❤
    All credits to James 🙂

  12. love it? yes I do…. 🙂

  13. Joe Quatrone, Jr. on said:

    Excellent poem!

  14. Hello James, I came to thank you for liking my posts, and was so blessed to read this!! Beautiful!! Thank you for pouring your heart out for the family to share. Lori

    • Lori, You have blessed with your blog and you have blessed by your visit to mine. I cannot call you a guest for you are family a daughter of our Most High King. For wherever you have gone a light is left shining after you have gone, Amen.

  15. I am blessed by your writing. It is wonderful to truly be men of ONE accord. The kindred spirit laid in the hearts of all the faithful.

    I have always visualized your ‘Face to Face’ as the the Lord’s perfect plan to intersect Himself with Man – for us to see, hear, and touch the face of God. If we never had this tangent between the temporal and the eternal, we would always surmise God, I believe.

    His perfect plan.

    Thank you for the beautiful post that walks the reader through the gospel – our true Good News!

    Peace and Love in Christ Jesus


    • Rick, Your words have blessed me deeply, I am humbled. I started to write a Christmas poem what I found is I could not look at the birth of Christ without looking at His life. I could not look at His life without looking at His death. I could not look at His death without Seeing the cross. When I see the cross I find Christ is not there the only thing left on the cross is my sin. When I look at the tomb I see Christ is not there but alive in me, not just my Hope but my assurance of life forever loving Him Face to Face, Amen.
      Joy unspeakable Joy and Love in the name of Yeshua.

  16. Reblogged this on Men of One Accord and commented:

    I have tried to write a new Christmas poen this year and what I came up with was poor. Seeing how I have so many new followers now and many have never read this poem i was thinking it might be time to reblog yhis one. In this poen you will read what Christmas means to me from Dec. 16, Face to Face. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  17. Reblogged this on Humble Heart Scribbles and commented:
    A brilliant poem which sums up Jesus’ time on earth and reason for Christmas.

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