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Jack’s Love List

Years ago when I started my walk with Jesus I had some mighty good men who came into life to help me grow. One of these men was Jack the Plumber it did not take Jack long to realize my mind does not work like most people. Jack has great Bible knowledge, discernment, wisdom  and the gift of interpretation when talking with someone who is ADD and/or ADHD (me). To do this one must be able to keep tract of and be able to change topics on fifteen different subjects, that are being discussed at the same time. The reason is that thoughts fly in and out and back in and back out of my mind at the speed of light or faster. So if I understand the world to be right: as compared to the rest of the world my mind is a Dyslexic ADD and/or ADHD blender of thoughts. That means I think real fast on many different things at the same time backwards, but Jack was a man of prayer and loved me anyway.


One day Jack told me that a lot of really good things come out of my mouth and I should write them down. Maybe one day I could go back to these little tidbits of knowledge God has given and do something with them. Jack gave me a little black book, called Jack’s Love List, in which to write them down so I did!  For fun here is a little insight on the workings of my mind. Here are some of them in no peculiar order:

1.) Churchly Christianity is what the world sees on Sundays it is plat-formed. It is not that what has been plat-formed is wrong, but life cannot operate from a plat-form. Jesus lived His daily life alongside of people, so then if I follow Christ I must live my life alongside of people.

2.) Getting sheep to move is one of the hardest things a shepherd has to do. Sheep like to eat. Sheep do not like to move. Sheep need to get up and go some place and not stay in one place and eat. The problem is if sheep keep eating in the same place is they always get down to stubble. Is there anything worst tasting than STUBBLE?

3.) Comfort in the Greek is paraklesis: or to mean come alongside because you are invited. When a vessel at sea is in distress the aiding vessel must be invited to come alongside to give aid. Is it not also true the Holy Spirit works the same way He must be invited?

4.) You cannot get a sheep out of the muck without getting mucky. If you are going to free a lost lamb from the brier patch you will not do it without getting scratched.


5.) If I see a need and I can meet that need, that is my calling to serve right now. My fruit is always for someone else.

6.) Can men of Christ today shake the world, if we men are willing to pray as fervently and unceasingly as the early church men did, mirroring their faith and unity?


7.) All the lost angels of hell cannot withstand two of God’s weakest Saints praying in unity.


8.) A man with a seeking spirit becomes a genuine man of prayer. That means men who are self-satisfied, content with the status Quo of the church, and the world about them will never be men of prayer.


9.) My prayer life is not for me it is for others for I have seen what God can do. Like Moses I want to see God’s Glory I remember when I first read about Moses talking mouth to mouth to God. I told people I want to do that, they said God does not do that anymore. Well Moses was not talking to God about himself he was talking to God about his people. I still want to do that talk mouth to mouth with God: My prayer life is not for me!


10.) God is always on time and His timing is always perfect. I have learned God never does His work by my schedule even if I say He is four days late.

Just ten of the thoughts that fly in and out and in and out of my mind I was able to put down on paper. Some day I will share more for there are millions!













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23 thoughts on “Jack’s Love List

  1. Many thanks for sharing this James
    I love the term ” paraklesis” a great example to follow a reflection of the Holy Spirit and his work

    Great post praise God.

  2. I love your LOVE LIST
    Hmmm 10 love thoughts … need to start writing
    God Bless

    • Yes it is a Love List for there was a day when I could not even read or write the words where all over the place. To think Our Lord can take my Greatest weakness and make into His Glory is more than my mind can grasp! This is what makes Him our Yeshua Messiah, Amen. I look forward to your Love List! My OUR YESHUA MESSIAH take your greatest weakness and turn it into His Glory, Amen!

  3. Loved #7, but #8 was convicting. Great list.

    • Anthony, I was once one of those men who was content with the Status Quo, and self-satisfied till the Holy Spirit convicted me. What happens if I show up at your church one day and ask do you have a men’s prayer group? If not may I start one? Could Happen, I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me to a new place to work the fields. I pray for you Anthony for the calling on your life in my eyes is one of the most high callings ask of by our Lord. Lord Give him the wisdom to lead as You would. Give him the knowledge to teach as You would. Give him the Love to Love as You would, Amen.

  4. Inked Pen on said:

    Please do share me. Inspiring and creatively thoughtful writing. God bless you!

  5. Inked Pen on said:

    Please do share more (the initial error of my writing my good sir). You are inspiring and creatively thoughtful in your writing. God bless you!

    • You are a very good writer we paint on different canvases and we use different brushes yet we are still one in Yeshua ben Yehovah. Thank-you for the loving words and yes I shall dig into that black book again. May you grow in His wisdom and love all the days of you life, Amen.

  6. robind333 on said:

    I really enjoy reading your post, although I’m not a male I can definitely appreciate the dedication to our Lord. May God continue to bless your ministry and blog. I’ve also nominated your blog for 3 awards…Many, many blessings to you…Robin

  7. Pingback: Many thanks to wordpress bloggers… « PJ Grace Community

  8. Oh I’m a sheep at times, especially number two! Your post brought to mind such a vivid picture of believers as sheep. I think it will be one that sticks with me forever, great post!

  9. I love #2 and I needed to hear #4 today. Thanks for liking my post today, which led me here. Peace, Linda

    • Sometimes what I write I have already lived and other times what I write is something I am going to live. I am blessed by the words that I write have blessed you. Thank-you coming by and commenting. I enjoyed you blog and shall return soon. May Our Lord bless you with smiles from His heart, Amen.

  10. This is a blessing to my day! I came by to say thanks for liking my post, but would rather say thanks to Jack for urging you to share your gift!! Thanks Jack! The world needs to hear what the Lord has placed in James’ . Thank you James for following through. Your words have blessed me and so has your shining heart! Lori

    • Lori. Wow! What kind words I often think I am the one who is blessed, when another has been touched by Yeshua when all I have done is just obey. This New Year my Lord ask me to bless others, I ask how? The word was obey, Amen.

  11. Meant to say, “needs to hear” in that last post 🙂

    • Lori, I fixed your last post. I often make mistakes when I comment on others post I would hope they would do the same. Yet it does not matter if they don’t for it is good for the world to see how weak I am, and How Strong Yeshua is! Thank-you commenting please come back Love in Christ our Messiah, Amen.

  12. My favorite is number 4. I understand pretty well this concept. Its ma motivation for reaching the young people of the nations.

    • I wrote this and a year or so later I to got live it. One morning I was complaining to God about getting my teeth kicked in by someone, and He asked are not the one who wrote this? I later led that person to the Lord. I find it all very funny now!! 🙂 God Bless!

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