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More Of Jack’s Love List

Many people have asked, some people have asked, well at least one person has asked for more of my scribbles out of Jack’s love list.


1.) How many times have you ever been told by someone all you need is more faith? Does not everyone need more faith? In good times we need more faith in hard times we need more faith, then what is one really asking for? What one is asking for is for someone to come alongside and pray with them not at them. For in the prayer of One Accord our faith becomes greater than a mustard seed. What then happens when FAITH is GREATER than a mustard seed?


2.) The importance of praying in unity cannot be overstated as a Big Contributing Factor in seeing answer to prayers. There is power in unity because our Abba Father strengthens our Faith as He joins our hearts in One Accord. In this act of obeisance our Abba Father strengthens the individuals personal walk Christ. Acts 2:1


3.) When praying alone I can sometimes become discouraged and give up too soon. Praying with other men forces me to verbalize my needs and teaches us how to allow others to share our burdens. In this WE gain strength, encouragement, and faith, each time we hear others praying for us. The Prayer of One Accord opens up a wonderful flow of God’s blessings, power, love, and grace into our lives.

4.) One of the things most men of todays church do not have is a conviction about is the war going on in the Spiritual Realm. Men need to be unified in believing that the Spiritual Realm is real, and they have a place of privileged, authority, and access in it. When men recognize they can make a very real insurgence into this Spiritual Realm, they believe with greater faith.


5.) Worship is a form of prayer, and in prayer we worship, seeing power in our prayer begins and is in our worship.


6,) One of the most important things I have learned about being in a Spiritual Family is finding power in prayer through unity.


7.) How do I truly intercede for people and situations? Could it be the Bride of Christ praying in One Accord?


8.) Breaking down of the denominational barriers starts with men like you and I praying together for unity in the Body  of Christ. Men of all cultures, races, and denominations that become united in prayer to bring down the strongholds of Satan will see Thy Kingdom Come.


9.) For most men there is a vast ignorance about the ways of prayer. Proof! Is seen in the industrialize production of books on the subject of prayer in the modern and ancient  church. These books line the shelves of the book store and most have been written by women. Where have all the men gone?

10.) Abba Father, I , James who is a nobody and a sinner, can you use me? Will You use me as an instrument to break down all the attitudes of hatred, animosity, separation, and disrespect, toward races and other denominations. Abba help me to see each man as Your most favorite child, Amen











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13 thoughts on “More Of Jack’s Love List

  1. Very good thoughts, James. I think it’s a chronic human weakness not to see the spiritual battle. We prefer not to. Who wants to dwell on the thought of a raging lion seeking to devour them?

    I’m thinking Satan has taken his battle into many areas — maybe even chemical warfare. I’m not a health food nut, but when I see un-natural additives in food that cause negative side effects, I wonder if maybe the devil is behind some of this. We’re seeing a lot of depression, too; we don’t face physical threats like Nero or the Inquisitions, but a direct attack on the mind.

    And, as you say, an attack on prayer and Bible knowledge. Our enemy makes us too busy or too embarrassed. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (and even more, several together) availeth much.”

    • A friend the other day called me Amos, he said these people are going to ignore you in a hope that you give up and go away! He is right I will go away someday but, when some stand before the throne and say why Lord did You not warn us He shall say I did. Then He may point to one they called a know body and you refused to hear. I am not saying I am a prophet it is just a message I have read in His Word. Are these the Last Days?

  2. When my friend died two week age I felt powerless because no one was there to pray in one accord with me.

    I long to see a culture of prayer ,unity & power at work again in small group in families as my family prefer not to pray any more but I’ll stand.

    Stand in agreement with the word of God & his precious Holy Spirit.

    Writing & blogging keeps me accountable to God as to everything I believe & value

    So thanks James for men of one accord these value speaks volumes.

    • Peter, My heart breaks for you I desire to be close to you and sit in the ashes and pray. Pray till the Holy Spirit over shadows the emptiness of the lost friend and restores you with His peace and an overflowing of grace, Amen Like Paul once wrote I long to come to you, Love you my brother!

  3. James, what a timely post! The theme of one accord has been around me so much in this last week and I was reading Acts 2 today…So on time brother! Very nice post! You are so on point with this! Keep on my brother! Amen!

    • Dwayne, We live close, all of hell is going rise up against us with what I ask you next. Why can we not get together once a month for prayer? I may even get one or two men from here to join us. Think about it! Or pray about it I have already. Amen!

  4. robind333 on said:

    This is truly a great post! Prayer is so important and especially in these trouble times…It’s part of our armor against Spiritual Warfare….Thank you for sharing and many, many blessings to you….Hope I didn’t intrude…LOL…Robin

    • Have you ever noticed that when men get ready for battle, Like football or even war, they get dressed together? Why? So they can insure each other that their armor is all on and in working order. So why then do men of the “church” think they can put their armor on by themselves? The Spiritual Armor is put in place by the Holy Spirit when each man is praying in unity for one another. Why do men think they are some kind of spiritual Rambo?
      Robin no you have not intruded. You are always welcome here! Yes I saw you laughing! You make me laugh when you do that!! Your words are so true and thank-you for your kindness! Love and blessings in Yeshua our Messiah, Amen.

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  6. I am new to your blog, and love seeing men joining together for common good. Very respectfully I would like to add my point of view. I was married for t 20 years to an abusive (mostly psychologically) “Christian” husband, and encountered well-meaning but uninformed Christian counsel that was additionally destructive, which is mostly what I blog about. Women write the books on prayer; women do the work on Domestic Violence. Men, being uninformed, yet speaking, as authorities and heads in Christian homes and churches, are part of the problem, abdicating the male role of protector. I’m not bashing here!!! Pleading, more like. Since this is a male-oriented community of devoted, praying Christians, I invite you to visit my blog, and to pass on whatever identification with abused Christian wives you may gain there, and to pray about it. With my thanks. With my deep respect. Blessings, Diane The purpose of the my blog Priorities & suggestions for Church (men’s) impact

    And I recommend the books by Reverend Al Miles: Domestic Violence: What every Christian Needs to Know, and (Same title): What Every Pastor Needs to Know.

    • Dear Sister in Christ, I must say my heart is breaking in no way should a man abuse or dominate his wife or any other woman. If a man of God does not treat his wife like a princes of the King that she IS, that man needs to spend time before the Lord on his face. Abuse is a sin.. A man who practices abuse is no more a Christ follower than an atheist. Ephesians 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for her. Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, KINDNESS, goodness, faithfulness, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL. Just because a man knows all the churchly words to say around all the church people does not make him a Christ Follower. You can not be a man of God out on the street and the son of Satan at home. I know you did the right thing in getting away from an abusive man. No where in the Bible can it be found where a woman is to be a punching bag physically or psychologically. Yes I will find it a great joy to visit your blog,and thank-you for following Men of One Accord. God Bless, James

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