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Aggressive Love

Aggressive Love spoke

Let there be light

that divided light and darkness.

Aggressive Love formed

man with His hands

out of the garden’s dust.

Aggressive Love breathed

the breath of free will of life

and man became living.

Before all of this!

Aggressive Love knew

That man would sin,

 man would worship other gods

man would forget the Sabbath

man would lie

man would steal

man would covet

man would commit adultery

man would murder

man would even murder his unborn babies.

Aggressive Love knew

sin was death.

Before all this!

Aggressive Love knew

He was going to leave His throne

become a servant man

live a sinless life.

Aggressive Love knew

He was going to become the sin offering.

Aggressive Love the King of Kings

was going to humble Himself unto death

a bloody painful death

naked on wooden cruel cross,

at the very hands of the man

Aggressive Love breathed

the breath of freewill of life.

Aggressive Love knew

it was the only way to pay

the high price of sin.

Before all this!

Aggressive Love knew

many would still reject Him,

many would deny

His very existence.

Aggressive Love knew

only few would,

receive His free gift of forgiveness,

only the few would truly love Him,

only the few would want to live

with Aggressive Love.

Before all this!

Aggressive Love knew

He is Holy,

He is perfect justice

a God who must judge sin.

Before all this!

Aggressive Love knew

 the world’s wicked nations

would demand Him to pour out wrath

casting them into outer darkness

of Hell’s torment forever.

Aggressive Love

the breath of Free Will

and Life.

He knew all this before!
and yet!

Aggressive Love spoke

Let there be Light.

Aggressive Love

 divided the Light from darkness.


The above link will help define Aggressive!


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22 thoughts on “Aggressive Love

  1. robind333 on said:

    Great poem! And many, many blessings to you…Robin

  2. What is the meaning with aggressive love.Do you call God that?
    I do not fully understand what you mean. God’s peace

    • Aggressive (adjective):vigorously energetic, in the use of initiative; boldly assertive. If God is love, and He knows all before it is. What kind of God would it take to say Let there be Light? Has it not been said He fights all our battles for us? Has it not been said the victory is done? Was this true before He spoke the word? Only Aggressive Love could be so boldly assertive! Our Yehovah is Aggressive Love. I knew many would not understand for I did not when the Holy Spirit gave me these two words. The true question is: Where would man be if God was anything less than Aggressive Love?

  3. RebeccaAarup on said:

    I couldn’t find your email, so I’m leaving a comment here. I think you should submit some of your poetry to the magazine I write for. They don’t pay anything, but it at least gets more people seeing your awesome work! The website is

  4. God has done it again! He so inspires you and you bless us all with your beautiful poetry, like sprinkling your garden 🙂

    • Lori, Let me take just a moment to slow down here! Abba Father, Now I must stop and say You are my God. my Abba who loves me and gives me words to bless your children with, I worship with all that I am, I praise you with all my heart, Only my Abba could take a person such as I who could barely write his name and turn a storm into a rainbow of jewels. To You alone goes all the Glory and Praise! Abba to all who read these words let blessing rain down from Heaven. I ask in the name of Yeshua our Messiah, AMEN.

  5. Poetry AND theology…sweet; it’s very much like being on vacation and getting dinner AND a show! “He’ll be here all week; don’t forget to tip the waitress and try our buffet tomorrow night.”
    I’m sure most won’t understand the implications of the theological debate on predestination and an omnipotent God. I once had a conversation with a Christian brother of mine about God knowing before the creation of man that in order to have true love reckoned back to Himself, He would have to sacrifice Himself and in essence become the object of His affection. It is along the line of the statement: “Only God knows how to truly love God!” It is interesting fodder to be sure, but in our fallen intellect we will never know this side of eternity (if ever) how the plan was wrought in the infinite and manifested in the finite.
    But I will certainly defer to His Aggressive Love in that if it wasn’t indeed agressive love, then we would have all perished long ago! God is love and He knows nothing else but to love, and the choice to love Him back is what makes love precious to Him. I always am amazed that we, as humans, can actually bless the God of the universe….awesome…
    Be blessed and continue in the flow of the Spirit my friend,

    • Gideon, Please forgive me, I had no idea of this theological debate when I was writing this! You have given me to much credit, most of my theology is in prayer and wanting to talk mouth to mouth with Yeshua. The Holy Spirit only gave me two words to start this poem, “Aggressive Love”. I ask Him what do you want me to do with this? He said you will know write. So I put down what was in my heart, that is all. Gideon you are a great teacher. I love the work you do! Sometimes when I read your work the words become jumbled before I get to the end. It is not your fault it is my dyslexia. For this reason I long to sit in your class for I know I am missing so much. This is the second time you have been a great blessing to me by commenting on my poems. My our Lord Jesus Christ enrich the blessing He has sit aside for you to overflowing, Amen.

      • Like white light passing through a prism, the light is divided into its component colors; so are our gifts as Christians. The Light of the Spirit flows through our souls and divides into a magnificent display of colors. My color may be green and yours may be purple, but it is from the same Source. The beauty of the model of “the body of Christ” is that together we shine to give a more complete picture. For me to say that my green is more true than your purple is to be obtuse and prideful. But to combine our colors together is beautiful in God’s eyes!
        I embrace your gifts (as you well know) and I know that you embrace my gifts as well. This is precious to our Savior.
        I’m sure you understand that to each is given a measure to speak and to live out the faith that is bestowed upon each person. Many times we “cross over” into areas that we do not intend to cross over into. This is by design and that is why we have each others’ back so to speak. Your Spirit-inspired poetry is beyond your own intellect, just as my writing is beyond my own. Edification is the key. I will continue to “build you up” in your gifts and gladly do so in the desire to affirm the Inspiration.
        Jesus calls us to freedom, not to a different version of bondage. You are blessed and anointed to let the Spirit flow however He sees fit! I was just pointing out that whether on purpose or by serendipity, the words pointed to a cosmic mystery that few are willing to ponder…that is all.
        May the Lord continue to bless you and your readers.
        Your brother in Christ,

      • Gideon, Your words show the world the love of Christ and His wisdom. Thank-you my brother I love you!

  6. James, I embrace His Aggressive Love! Thank you for allowing our Lord to speak such wonderful truths into your heart and out for the world to see!

    We have to stop allowing the world to define us! The world has taught us that being aggressive is a negative trait; but thanks be to God that you have shown us that true aggression is steeped in the Love of God!

    If it were not for the Aggressiveness of God we would not be here to enjoy His creation, nor would we be able to receive His free gift of Grace in Salvation!

    Thank you my brother and dear Saint of the Everlasting Father!

  7. You may thank Sebastian for leading me here!
    As Paul said, Christ found HIM while he was the worst of sinners (1 Tim 1:13,14). THAT is the definition of agressive love. That while we were wallowing in our own filth, Christ wrecklessly and aggressively loved us (Rom 5:6), knowing that many of us would kick Him to the curb (Heb 6:6).
    This is beautiful!

    • Let us thank our Messiah for Leading us all together. At the heart of it all is His Will that His Bride be One, One Accord, One Church, One in Unity, Just He and the Father are One. Can you see the Messiah calling His children from the four corners of the earth to be One? I’m pleased and blessed by you stopping by and the love in your comment. Please feel free to dig around Men of One Accord I shall be stopping by likefilthrags soon. Many blessings shall come as we become one in the Spirit, Amen.

  8. Amazing!!!!! I love this!!!

  9. A. Avila on said:

    Reblogged this on what Ana thinks and learns. and commented:
    This is the perfect company for my “What amazes you the most?” post 🙂

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