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As Abba’s treasures flow

from hand to hand and from heart to heart

this is the Love of Yeshua’s flow

from soul to soul.



A pain, a longing, an anguish,

for the heart of Christ,

Born and Yoked in Prayer.

A Cross daily to Bear

burdens and cares

laid at Yeshua’s feet

along with perceived defeats

Born and Yoked in Humble Prayer.


I would like to give a special thanks to ljoneil of wordscroll for giving me the title to this poem, thank-you Lori!



The things I believe to be so,

things which are not so,

then there are things that are so,

I believe then to be not so,

then there are things that are so,

so these things I will never know!

Just think somebody is wrong!

I know I am wrong!

as time marched on!

Time lost forever gone!

but will others ever know,

the time wasted on so?

this is so

that is not so

I shall never know!

as so many LOST go through life with the flow

Yeshua’s Love they never know,

LOST forever off to HELL they GO!

all because this is SO!





 The sheep have all ran away!

Where did the Master’s sheep go astray?

Was it when the hireling  was collecting his purse?

 So many lambs are needing to nurse!

Listen listen as they cry out,

lost sheep running all about.

We are lost we are lost we have wandered far away!

We are entangled in these briers, come today!

Who will the Master consign?

Who is willing to go and find?

 Hireling says there is not enough gold,

I fleece the sheep as I hang out inside the fold.

Wolves howl, lions roar

so many sheep ran out an open door!

As the hireling was collecting his purse!

So many lambs needing to nurse!

Listen listen as they cry out,

lost sheep running all about.

We are lost we are lost we have wandered so far away!

We are entangled in these briers, please come today!

The Master scans the earth below,

 for shepherds that willingly search to and fro.

Shepherds that eagerly climb mountains steep

Shepherds that longingly cross in deserts heat

Shepherds to search through the storm

 Shepherds to remain determined when hard pressed and forlorn

Shepherds with hearts that hear that quest not for a purse!

For so many lambs needing to nurse!

 Listen listen as they cry out,

  so many sheep running all about!

We are lost we are lost we have wander so far away!

We are entangled in these briers, glad you came today!







Jack’s Love List III

I could not help myself I found some of these things I have written down and just had to post them! Remember these are just the random thoughts that flow in and out of my mind in no relative order.

1.) Please do not ask our Abba Father: How to clean out your Barn if you really do not want to know?

2.)The price of sin of my sin is to great, I should think before I act.

3.) While the harvest of my sin has been greater than I could have ever imagined: Abba’s Love is even greater.

4.) A man once said to me, “The Church has been raped of its men.” So I asked him to spend time in prayer with me for the church and its men, and yet he has no time to pray?

5.) Does our Abba father rate our relationship with Him? Does He rate us based on our experience or upon our love and faithfulness? How does Abba rate us?

6.) When talking with the un-churched, not saved, lost men they are confused and ask: Why are there so many denominations? Why are you always fighting with one another? Why are you always competing against each other?  I have to say I am confuse too!

7.) There is nothing wrong with the CHURCH having distinct denominations just as there was nothing wrong with Israel having twelve sons or tribes. Is it wrong when the sons become so enamored in their own denomination, that the sons fail to acknowledge they have brothers in other tribes?

8.) Are we not ONE Israel, ONE Church, ONE Body and soon there will be only ONE Bride!?

9.) Do we build denominational walls because we are afraid someone will jump the wall and go to another tribe? That just might help with some of that denominational inbreeding. One of Webster’s New World Dictionary defines inbreeding #2: to become too refined to be effective.

10.) Just maybe Godly leaders could band together under a Biblical based statement that any Christian can agree to like: The deity of Jesus. His virgin birth, His sinless life, His atoning death on the cross, His resurrection; There is only One Eternal God, revealed in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; the Bible is the infallible inspired Word of God; We believe and receive by faith Jesus as our Savior; We have the Hope of eternal life with Yeshua in Heaven.

11.) I am not saying, to believe in an anything goes, is grounds, for unity. What If?

12.) What happens if we pray for the Body of Christ to come together?



I shall do as Yeshua asks.

I will go where Abba sends

I shall rest in Messiah’s arms,

I will abound in Yahweh’s love,

I shall mature in my Father’s grace,

I will pray that you and I are one,

Just as the Father and Son are One.

When the Father looks and sees the Bride is one,

He Shall say to the Only Begotten Son

Go get the Bride her time has come.

What day, what hour,

shall our Bridegroom come?

When His Church is One.

I will do as Yeshua asks,

I pray that my brothers and sisters are one,



This psalm was written by Littlest sister in Christ, Mary who is twelve years old. I love it!:)

My Life with Christ.

The Boat's Journey -Mary Pacis
The Boat’s Journey -Mary Pacis

March 7 2013

Verse 1:

The boat drifts away and I don’t know when she’ll come back home,

or if she’ll come back at all…

Don’t know if she’ll come back broken as she passes by the water fall.

Pre- Chorus:

And I pray that she’ll be safe as she journey’s through the waves, 

through the storms, and through the big giant caves.

And even though the boat might sink from all the troubles and the pain,

I hope that she remembers her maker’s name…


Oh Boat where’d you go? ‘Cause I really need you home, I need to tell the world about the light.

Oh Boat where’d you go? ‘Cause I really need to roam, around the world to share the light.

(Pre- Chorus and Chorus)


Row, row, the boat back home, Row the boat back home

[a million times, depending…

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Truth Lingers

In the beginning was the TRUTH,

and TRUTH was with God,

and TRUTH was God.

In a town named Bethlehem,

TRUTH became Flesh

and TRUTH lived among man.

About 2,046 years ago


Man nailed TRUTH

to a cross to die,

 sin’s debt was paid in full

about 746,790 days ago


To be forever sealed and guarded

by death in a tomb

the hope of TRUTH


After three days pasted

in early mornings twilight

with angel’s blinding light

earthly grave quaked in fear

and death’s door rolled away and

 TRUTH walked out alive,

about 17,922,960 hours ago


Before the cross before the grave:

TRUTH said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.

No one comes to the Father 

except through Me.”

Yeshua Messiah spoke these words

about 1,075,377,600 minutes ago


Satan and all the forces of Hell

has declared war on TRUTH,

Hell has murdered,tormented, tortured,

the Saints because of TRUTH to this day and still


When life is like a madhouse,

and disorder is your day remember


When agony and misery beset you,

and you think your living a nightmare remember,


If you find yourself in trials

and facing great tribulation remember,


For TRUTH stated:

“Behold I stand at the door and knock.

If anyone hears My voice and opens the door.

I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. 

To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne,

as I also overcame and sat down

with My Father on His throne.” 

So we could remember 


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