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Abba, I fear

I am growing lukewarm,

many a passing are the years,

many men have been warned,

why do so many act as if they cannot hear?

I have lost heart!

I no longer desire to pray

for men who wish to live a life apart,

I no longer wish to cry out night and day.

I feel as tho I am alone

for lukewarm I have grown,

Yahweh’s rebuke I do fear

the rod that chastens is drawing near,

with the passing of the many years.

Yes, I am sure lukewarm I have grown

in sackcloth and ashes on my face

bent over to the ground in this place

as I feel so all alone.

Has my heart turned to stone?

Lukewarm is my sin I make it known,

Lukewarm I am spat out on the ground

hell’s angels now dance around.

For I have been the most complacent of fools

complying with the world’s woos.

My lukewarm heart I cast at Yeshua’s feet

prostrate I wait for Abba to speak.

I have had a hard time deciding what to do with this post for I was thinking it was incomplete. A friend and sister in Christ was nearly at the same time writing a post on this subject and I have found it helps complete this poem. So please take the time to read it here is the link:

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36 thoughts on “LUKEWARM!

  1. Yes, you guys posted the same message within minutes of each other! God is at work here..

  2. Thank you James. It is amazing how in your post the guy waits for God to speak and in my post God answers him.

    • Distance and time are just words to our Lord in which He defines their boundaries in which we live yet He is not govern. To us it is given be amazing, His Glory and Power forever and forever, Amen.

  3. James,
    You have posted the response of a Laodacean church member of the Last Days as described in chapter three of the book of Revelation. For someone to come to God and to admit to being lukewarm is an awesome step toward revival of the heart. I need to read the link now. Blessings to you always.

    • Betsy, So good to hear from you again! Some say we are living in the last days and some say things are going as they have always. Some say here is the Christ and others say no here is the Christ. Being lukewarm one does not even think one is so one believes all is well. until the lamp stand has been removed. Then one may not be able to see there is no lamp stand so what is then left? Thank-you I love your words they bring hope, faith, and Love. may our Lord Jesus bless thee with all three as they pour out from the Throne , Amen.

      • Hi James,
        So good to hear your voice again. With regard to the lukewarm one who thinks all is well — he doesn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. So when the lampstand is taken away, he is left alone and in the dark with no hope of salvation. I pray those who are lukewarm, will have an encounter with someone who has a relationship with the Lord. Then they can be led to truly know and love the Lord before their time on earth is over.
        Blessings to you always.

      • Betsy, My reply to your reply of my reply is: Amen and Amen!

  4. My brother, glad to “see” you again. Let’s turn the heat up a little then. Beautiful poem, we can all relate but press on!

  5. As we grow in Christ what used to be on-fire is now lukewarm. Maybe you are not walking away, but you are growing in Christ. Press close to Jesus and see more fiery darts fly that you easily evade. You will give more of yourself because God has filled you with more to give. Praying always. Stoking the fire. Peace and Love -Rick

    • Rick, Now as I look at your loving words you speak a great truth how time and not pressing on into the fire of God aids in becoming Lukewarm. Praying always in One Accord, the battle harden warriors of God with shields locked together as a wall, stand firm till the end. God Bless, Amen.

  6. Your poem sums up what many of us are going through and I thought it was very powerful. It is complete. God Bless, Mike.

    • Mike. Thank-you, Lukewarm is a pugnacious prayer! I do not plan the order of my post yet this morning before I join with some other men for prayer I see the One who does. To our Yeshua Messiah be all Glory and Praise, Amen! God Bless you, Amen.

  7. It seems that some are reading this thinking that James himself is declaring that he has become lukewarm. In this poem, he is standing in the gap and writes the heart of any man out there who has found they have lost their way. The message he connected to is God’s response to that one who prays, to turn back before it is too late. Both are born from the heart of God, yearning to connect with the one who may be feeling too ashamed or disconnected to even approach God, though He loves them so, and runs to meet them.

    • Lori, You have the heart of a warrior rushing to the side of your fellow brothers and sisters, Thank-you. This is not a rebuke; I first must pray this prayer for myself for if not, I cannot share in my brothers and sisters pain. I must be broken and weak so that all that is seen in me is Yeshua’s strength and love. For it is written: I must decrease so He can increase. Amen. Many blessings I will pray for you, Amen.

      • James your heart is so kind and you mean well, but I am not in agreement about this and in the night I was awakened. My heart was troubled and I did not have peace. I spent much time with the Lord and I understand what was troubling, but I do not have time to write of it now. Just know you are my good friend and brother, but again I say I do not agree.

  8. whoa, this is awesome!

  9. Let me try to make one general reply to all the comments tonight and I shall come back tomorrow night and respond to each. I live in a small town in a small county of Florida a place God has placed me. Here is a place with many churches all thinking they are living for God. A place where church people think business is business and church is church and the two are never to meet. A place where church people who are a part of the worship team on Sunday and on Monday they use their public office they hold to steal from the people. Where I live at best one could say they are lukewarm. If you put boiling hot water in lukewarm water it cools off unless the pan is held to the flame. When God called me to help men to learn to pray in unity I agreed to live a life of transparency I said yes. Here it is I have to keep in mind the fear of becoming lukewarm and like in my poem it is my prayer to confess daily if need be that sin. I have also found in prayer it is not as much what I say to God but how well I sit quiet and listen to Him. So if the Holy Spirit leads you to pray for me please do. Lukewarm happens when one is comfortable that is when one becomes complacent. Pray I do not become comfortable here or complacent. Amen.

  10. Last night in my sleep I saw you….
    Warning or advising me with your direct tone of voice, as you spoke I knew I lacked insight into the situation I was faced with, I know it was The Lord warning me as I’m between a rock & a hard place.

    James your ministry serves these time significantly to this generation as many would refuse The Lord warnings. I need wisdom more than I ever and your support has been a blessing to me


    • Pj, Here is now what I hear from our Lord: Joel 2: 6-17. 12;” Now therefore,” says the LORD,
      “Turn to Me with all your heart,
      with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.”
      In his words you shall find the wisdom you seek. In prayer and blessings, Amen

  11. Seen this before…:)

    • Yes I know, this prayer that will not fade away the time was pressed upon to now post. I was with you this morning in prayer our bond is deep longing to be with you soon. In all prayers and blessing Amen.

  12. James this is a timely message of all to hear. May the Lord continue to bless you with His words.

    Revelation 3:16 “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

    Lord, I pray all those whose heart have turned cold or lukewarm turn their lives back unto You in the completeness and wholeness of a heart that is on fire with the power of Your Holy Spirit! Open eyes, if they are to be opened, open ears if they are to hear. In Jesus name I pray ~ Amen and Amen

  13. Inked Pen on said:


  14. A. Avila on said:

    Reblogged this on what Ana thinks and learns. and commented:
    Wow, this is so amazing. I just found this blog and I find this poem so beautiful and true (and, of course, not cheese).

  15. A. Avila on said:

    Thank you for letting God bless you through your sincere heart. This is amazing! I reblogged it, I hope you don’t mind.

    Again, this is beautiful. God bless you 🙂

    • A. Avila, I am humbled by your loving words it is a blessing that these words have touch your life. Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your spirit, soul, and body be preserves blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

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