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Suspended Children

Who are the suspended Children?

You see them every day, they are all around you.

These children are the children who do not know Jesus!

All around you in this country in your neighborhood are children 9 to 12 years of age who do not know Jesus. There may even be a suspended child in your home. These children do not know what sin is and they do not know Hell is a real place. These children are suspended above the flames of Hell waiting for you to teach them about the wages of sin. Romans 6:23; “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.”

You and I who say that we are followers of Christ have been given a commission by Jesus: Mark 16: 15-16; “And He said (Jesus) to them, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to EVERY creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved: he who does not believe is condemned.”

Our world is the people living around us these are the ones we are to teach the Gospel. In my thinking our Abba Father Wants to move among the people of the world again and wants to embrace the children of the United States. In the past when there was a move of God it has been a move in the younger people in this nation. I think back to Jesus people of 1960’s it was the young people touched by Jesus and the way we did church in America has been changed forever. The movement came about by one man with a burden and a prayer to reach the hippies. Young people the hippies had emptiness in their hearts and were searching for something to fill the void.

One day my heart became so burdened for children, it may have been after one of the school shootings, hearing about children having sex at the age of ten with one another, or even after seeing the lines of children waiting to buy the new Harry Potter book. Children are exposed to so much emptiness these days my heart broke, so I prayed. For about three years I prayed for the children. God gave me Donkey Tells, simply said, Donkey Tells is the Gospel of Jesus Christ told to children for the ages of 9 to 12 year old.

With all the disasters happening in this country as of lately I found myself in the book of Joel. Joel used the disasters to call the people to repent. I am not saying that the disasters in our country are judgments of God. One verse jumped out at me Joel 1:3;

Tell your children about it

Let you children tell their


And their children another


God created donkeys to come alongside of man to help him carry the loads in life that were too heavy to be carried by him. Suspended donkeys are books that help you and are sent out for the suspended children to introduce them to Jesus. “Donkey Tells, A Promise Kept” is the gospel of Jesus Christ in words that anyone can understand. Donkey Tells is a tool to help anyone show a child the love of Jesus. Donkey Tells is a tool to open the door to teach a child about Jesus.

Children Only Know

What YOU

Teach Them!

A suspended book is a book that is bought for a child who does not know Jesus. Maybe you buy one book for yourself and another for the little trouble maker next door.

I am also looking for away to give a book to every child who has fallen into hard times. I wish to give a Suspended Donkey to foster care children, homeless children, any child in need, and all suspended children over the flames of HELL. Donkey Tells, is a donkey that comes alongside and carries them to the loving arms of Jesus.

Jesus said, “Let the Little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 19:14

Again a task before me has been given of which I do not know how to do. Again to our Abba I shall not be saying no. Yet to you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus I am asking you to be of One Accord with me telling the children of the world about the Love of Jesus? I would love to hear your input on how we shall do this task. I have some ideas yet I believe many of you out there may have better ideas than I. Let us be the ones to introduce the Children to Jesus and His love for His glory forever and ever, Amen.

If you do not wish to leave your comment here or idea I can be reached at

This post shall also be posted as a new page also, Thank-you everyone and God Bless.

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6 thoughts on “Suspended Children

  1. Last night I was thinking about a different segment of society, the many who have never learned to read well, and the need to present the Gospel to folks like that. I want to do a blog post about this in the next couple of days, but will share my thoughts with you, too.

    A survey done in Canada twenty years ago showed that one quarter of our population — folks born right here — are functionally illiterate. Back then it was a statistic, but for me it’s become a reality as I help a friend to cope with life when she can barely read and write. Phone books, bank statements, her phone bill–all great trials for her. Most religious tracts are so far above her.

    The sad news is that a lot of children 9-12 aren’t much better off. I’ve heard that THE MAGIC TREE HOUSE series has won a lot of praise because it gets children involved in reading, but I have grave doubts about the content.

    I helped at school one year; we had a six-year-old girl who’d been in & out of the social services’ system a couple of times already, and she had no idea of color names or numbers; she didn’t know left & right. It took months to teach her (for example) that her jacket was blue and white, or that three items on a page were written ‘3’, that if you add l l l and l l you get 5.

    I’d encourage you, James, to write what the Lord gives you and do it in fairly simple words with a lot of “white space.” Children brought up in religious homes are quite often read to, they own books and become good readers, but there are so many in North America who haven’t had this privilege.

    I’m sure this is your aim and I pray our Father will give you inspiration to meet this great need and a blessing for your effort.

    • Christine, I pulled your comment for a time first to see the context of what your post might be and to try to understand your point of view. I see that you have a burden for those who have problems with reading out of which through pray God Himself will give you vision and a path to which you can full fill this calling upon your life. As for your comment that I might write with white spaces and simpler words I do not understand this instruction.
      Donkey Tells is a tool for introducing children to Jesus for I have seen the thousands upon thousands of children ages 9-12 year old’s lined up to buy a lie called Harry Potter. Why because Christian writers have dumb down the Gospel of Jesus Christ and made it boring. The Gospel of Jesus may be simple yet it is not dumb nor is it boring this I have found to be true in my life and in reading the book of Acts.

      • I’ve thought of posting an example of what I mean by simpler words and white spaces.

        “White space” is a term used by editors nowadays; it basically means meaning “short paragraphs.” These usually gives more white space on the right hand side of the page. Such as I’m doing now.

        Back to my example. I thought writing a “notes to a friend” version of the book of I John. What would you think of that? I also thought of posting a Bible story I wrote a few years ago — from the life of Jesus — doing it in short segments.

        I believe you have used simple words in your story, as it’s written for children. I was thinking in general we have to watch out that our religious terms are simple. For example, if I talked to my friend about “redemption”, she wouldn’t have a clue what it meant.

        You’re right; so many Gospel stories have been “dumbed down” and so many have been omitted. One time I checked out exactly what’s available for younger children and I learned that a few stories are told again and again — and they’ve been sanitized.

        David knocks Goliath down with the stone. Gideon and his men break the lamps and shout; the Midianites are frightened and run away. Daniel comes up out of the lions’ den but no one gets thrown in.

        I agree: our society is so fascinated with the occult; it’s sad to see how prevalent it is in children’s literature. There are so many Bible stories that are really interesting but publishers tend to focus on the best known few.

  2. May God help us should be our cry.vw

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