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Monday Quote!

Thomas d Kempis

First put yourself at peace,

and then you may the better

make others be at peace.

A peaceful and patient man

is of more profit to himself

and to others,

too, than a learned man who has no peace.

Seed of Joy!

Within the soul’s heart

a seed of joy is planted

dying it tales root.

As joy sends out rootlets fibers

cracking. slicing, and digging into

the rock hard stone face of sadness.

Crumbling. crunching, and feasting on

the darkness of depression

sprout forth the seedlings

contentment and gladness.

From the fresh tilled soil

nutrients are leeched out of

anger, envy, and strife,

Thrive the saplings

generosity, unselfishness, and gentleness.

Cut down, uprooted, and turned to compost

is the poison vine’s upshot

hate, rage, and self-ambition.

Budding now the Vine of Grace

Fragrantly flowering is

goodness, self-control. and faithfulness.

Fire from Heaven

consumes the tree of death

the ash of

debauchery and lust

is whisked away in the Holy Wind

Found here is

the  Tree of Life

ripened fruit burst open

showers of sweet nectar of

Peace and Love.

Monday Quote!

Bill Graham

Christ alone can bring lasting peace

peace with God…

peace among men…

and peace to nations…

and peace within our hearts.

What Shall Happen?

I am standing atop

this snow packed mountain summit,

rolling this snowball named Love.

What shall happen when…

this snowball named Love

is tumbled from this pinnacle’s edge

called begrudged?

With shouts of praise

to God’s only Son!

A great mountain becomes


Monday Quote!

Jackie Windspear

Grace isn’t a little prayer you

chant before receiving a meal. It is a

way of life.


No I am not back on-line yet, just being creative on reaching out! Hoping this works!?



Visions Become Reality !!!!!!

I cannot begin to express how deeply this post describes the place in my life I am at now. Yes the Lord has taken me into the valley and I go of my own freewill for when our Abba returns me to the mountain I shall be the humble and meek man for God’s vision in me.

Cold Shoulder!!

I am not giving anyone the cold shoulder: My laptop has caught a virus this past Sunday. The geek was thinking it was not terminal… Yet in his last report to me the virus was winning the war!!!!

I will be back as soon as possible reading your post, responding to your comments, and writing. The good part is has given me this much-needed time to be with our Abba to listen and wait on Him.

the news from the final reading of Donkey Tells this Wednesday night is:::

The angels in heaven are rejoicing for the little lost lamb has been found!!







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