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Open Door?

Does an open door always mean it is a calling of God?
My wife and I have now lived in Oak Ridge for a year and gone through the process of finding a church home. We have been led to this very small church which is made up of mostly old people. I can call them old because I am old, yet I refuse to take my place in a rocking chair and wait for rigor mortis. Even though the dead in Christ shall rise first, I’m not dead and neither is God I must stay in the race.
Sunday night the pastor stated to me that they have been praying for someone like my wife and I to come. To which I replied you know not what you have prayed for and received.
Pastor went on to state we have no children’s program and I have read your book. I think you have a great new idea on reaching children.
I answered back you also have no men’s ministry and need a men’s prayer ministry. Without that backbone leading the church and support no one man or woman will succeed. The men of the church need to get off their butts and on their knees in one accord. If I had not been involved in men’s prayer of one accord, Donkey Tells would have never been written.
Needless to say I have been asked if I would start a men’s prayer at my new church. Does an open door always mean it is a calling from God? The first thing that entered my mind is someone needs to take a fire ax to all the rocking chairs and say now let us Pray! Be careful of what you pray for you just might get it!

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39 thoughts on “Open Door?

  1. That fire ax sounds like a good idea to me. πŸ™‚ If the Lord says, “do it” there’s your open door.

  2. I am not sure if an open door means it is a call from God or not but It looks as if God has planted you right where he needs you. Blessings to you James.

  3. If God is truly opening this door He will keep tapping you on the shoulder through the Holy Spirit .. Keep praying . … I always try to wait until The WORD show me my next step .. What is God saying not others

  4. Good post. Both serious, satirical and sad all at once. I pray that you and your wife are lead to impact this body. Al

  5. Rev 3:8….. Behold I have set before you an open door and no man can shut it…… Old people can still pray in rocking chairs, can’t they? There must be a few grand kids around somewhere to liven things up if needed.. Have fun. πŸ™‚

    • Karen, It is true our Lord has brought me to this town and to this Church, It is true I have a heart for prayer and for the lost children, and it is true I used the phrase of rocking chairs as a replacement for complacency, up the hill from this church is a poor neighborhood of children that has never heard about Jesus. Some of these have no father, some have no mother, and still some have neither, most may go to bed hungry to impact these it shall take people on their knees crying out for their souls, then we must go into the fields for the harvest.
      God has given me the tools of how to pray in One Accord, and the vision on how to reach the children now is the time to get out of the rocking chairs pray and go. LOVING Grandparents make the best missionaries, Do you have an ax I might use? God Bless!

      • Oh man, we have neighborhoods like that, too. And the heart of Jesus is crying out for them. Tell me how to get the church to pray in one accord, and how to reach the kids. I’m going to retire at the end of this year, and I’ve taken the rocking chair OFF the porch( literally and figuratively!). BY THE WAY……my mother-in-law thought she was getting too old to make much of an impact; I told her she can quit only when she’s dead! I heard a lady praying from Detroit calling all the old people out as intercessors. What do you think of that??

      • Karen, To answer your first question you must first start to pray for the people of your church, how to pray for them is found in Colossians 1:9-11, and Ephesians 1:17-19. Find someone to pray with you in unity and One Accord also ask the Lord to bring unity to the church. Ask the Lord to use His perfect wisdom and judgement to do whatever it takes to bring unity about. It may take sometime give God the time He needs to work in His Church. Keep asking to pray with you in One Accord. In this blog you will find that at the very beginning some tools to help you the first is Threefold Cord then you find also some posts all starting with Pary is. If you would like to write to me more do it at and from/ there I shall give you some more links Will be praying for you. Once you start do not give up, God Bless, James

  6. God wants to use you in the area that best defines your spiritual skills. He has ordained a route for you to follow, but that doesn’t mean that the first step is the ultimate one. He can use this as a stepping stone for the next Kingdom assignment that’s in the making. He always have other Kingdom assignments, but it’s a process. After you have completed one, He moves you to another. However, you have to pray for directions, as God is transitioning you to a more active role in ministry. God bless you my dear brother, as you continue to fulfill your calling. “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye” (Psalms 32:8).

    • Sister Gertrude, Your words remind me of my dad he was like a bright and shinning star full of gentle wisdom spoken with authority. I miss him most at times like these, for I am more like the storm of thunder and rain. Blessings!

  7. Not sure if its an open door. But I know this you will know if this is your assignment from God. If a church does not have new blood it will die. Whar color is the door? Is there light coming from the door? Press into Him and you will know soon.

    • Sandy, It is walking through this open door that has got me thinking I know some of these people are going to pick up rocks and start throwing them. I don’t dodge rocks as well as I use to and I hope my old nature does not return and pick up the rocks and throw them back, boy am I good at throwing rocks. You are right about the new blood one thing that stands out is a statement we have doing things this way for 60 years why change? Answer because it did not work then why do think it would work today? I ,may not know WHAT I AM DOING BUT GOD DOES! Blessings to you!

  8. Hey Bro, It’s like they say: “If you see the need, you’ve got the burden.” Start swinging and praying! Help the Lord light a fire that turns the old into the young. Thanks.

    • RJ, Start swinging love that! I have followed your blog for some time we have such different gifts when it comes to writing and I gleam so much from you. One thing I know is you are not shy about the swinging of the ax, you have been and are a blessing to me, thank-you! May our Lord Bless you Amen.

  9. Yes MOA! Open the door and walk through……… I’m sitting here crying because the first blog I read months ago was yours. Do you now see why the Holy Spirit held you against the wall in church that day? Gods plan, your mission has arrived. You will do well here. I’m sure the lost sheep have been awaiting your presence. May God continue to bless you and your family! Don’t forget the pain in the Jawbone, the warmth in your heart or the stomach pain all signs from God that you are forever blessed my friend. Love you!! πŸ™‚

    • Sister, Sister in Christ, I Love You Too! πŸ™‚ I know what I must do, I am one who does not tell God no! I did tell Him no once, even then His hand was on me only that time it was the hand of correction. It was a place I hope never to go again. Obedientance is one of those Keys of the Kngdom of Heaven. Blessings!

  10. So much great encouragement for what you are doing. The adversary never encourages the work of God and will try to detract. May God continue to lead you and your ears be opened to hear when the Spirit of God speaks. blessings. vw

  11. A men’s prayer ministry – a backbone – is something we all need. Frankly, if that is missing a children’s ministry will be of little worth.

  12. Planting Potatoes on said:

    If you remain faithful to God and teaching his word – and they want to fire you – then you rest assured you are on the right track! May God use you as a tool for his good purposes and as they say – “your mission, should you accept it…….”

  13. Im sure there are many “open doors” that we shouldnt go through. If we havent prayed about that door we would be rather foolish to just walk through. I have to say I have squeezed through some pretty small cracks that were prayed open.
    Best with the men’s ministry!

  14. No it doesn’t mean it is from god. But taking it doesn’t make you bad either. Once inside is where decern becomes important. Questioning an open door isn’t bad either. I bet god doesn’t mind saying yes I opened that door or no very good you knew something was wrong.

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