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The Greatest Privilege!

Oh Abba, I seek thee now
This day You have given to me.
Oh Abba, for there is none like thee
The Great I AM
Who knows the number of days.
Oh Abba, the God above all
And Creator of all,
The King of Kings
Who all creation is held in
His right hand.
Oh Abba, the God I love
Your child beseeches You,
Do not hide Your face
From Your child.
Oh Abba Your child
Bows before Your Great Throne
The sinful child that
You came and died for.
Oh Abba, come and reach out
Your nail scared hand and
Wipe away Your child’s tears.
Oh Abba, come with open arms and embrace for
Your child is in pain and is broken
Come My Abba to comfort
Your child whom You Love.

J Thomas@ copyright 2017

On the Edge!

After twenty-seven years of learning to walk with Christ
I have seen the faithfulness of Christ is far greater than
My human heart can ever understand.
In His enduring Grace
My faith grows to a level beyond what
My human eyes can see.
As the years have pasted by
My Lord has brought me
To the edge of the sea,
He spoke,
Cross over here!
Standing upon the shore overwhelmed
By the vastness of the great ocean
Fear screams out you shall drown.
Out of the cold darkness
The slanderer, the prince of lies,
The deceiver caterwauling
Your God has brought you here to die
Yet this I call to mind
And therefore I have Hope:
Because of the Lord’s
Great Love
We are not consumed, for
His compassion are new every morning,
Great is His Faithfulness.
As I step off the
Edge onto Faith
Beyond what my human eyes can see
It is Grace
It is Christ’s Great Faithfulness,
that shall
Carry me to the other side.
J Thomas copyright@2016 Feb. 7, 2016

l must thank everyone who follows Men of One Accord for your love and prayers and God Bless you all. I do not have the time I had before to keep up with and commit on all your great blogs and for this I am very sorry.

On Wednesday nights I get to spend time with a boys club I have started, pray the Lord uses these boys of His to turn the world right-side-up, Amen!

New Year!

Here is what the coming New Year looks like for me:

I will be getting real busy, Much of which I do not know how it is going to happen.

1) I will going into children hospitals to do readings of Donkey Tells.

2) On Wednesday Nights I also be starting a reading and out reach for children (9-11).

Not to be left out is I have a full-time job that I work at 40 to 60 hours a week. I got to eat.

In the past year I have no idea of how many books I have given out, far more than has been sold. The reason I have no idea is God told me not to count. I guess our Lord does not want me to boast.

I am praying to reach more and more children each day, I would like to get Donkey Tells translated into Spanish. I believe there is many more I can reach this way.

I would ask that if our Lord lays Donkeys upon your heart, Please pray for me thank-you.

I also follow over 100 blogs and if I miss getting around to you it is not that I do not like you it is because I am so flooded with things I must do. 

If you think you might want to be apart of Donkey Tells I can be reached at:

God Bless you all! May His Joy and Peace be with you in this coming New Year, Amen!

Jesus vs. Santa

Dr.Dobson, Said something like this, Children only know what we teach them. Here is what we should be teaching our children!

I Have Noticed!

I have noticed in my life when God asks me to do some task, I do not have the ability or the talent to do this task! 

Take for instance the building of an ark for a great flood now that would have been no great problem for me to do. But God picked Noah a man who never even seen a hammer before to do the job. I on the other hand am a very good builder and I am sure I could have done the job in half the time and with many great improvements in God’s design of the ark.

But God has ask me to write a task I have no talent in. When I think back I was eleven years of age before I could even spell my name. But God loves me so much and I love him so I could never say no! Then there is the children that have never heard of His love for them someone must tell them. Again another task I have no talent to do yet I could not say no to our Lord who loves them too.

I just want you all to know if any good comes from the words I place upon the page it is not I who is good but only the Great I AM who deserves the Praise.

Teasure In Heaven!

Eighteen months ago I started a project wondering why God brought me here. The hours were long, the stress was high, the work load very heavy, and the co-workers hard tough men. Why would God send me to work here on this project and to the world I walked away from many years ago?

What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and go in search of the one that went astray?
Matthew 18:12

At work many men came and many did not have what it took to perform this task yet early on I met this man who was in his early fifties and was somewhat new in his walk with Christ we became friends. Because of the nature of the work the names shall be changed for the good of all, so he shall be known as Chuck.
Chuck and I would have many great conversations about life with Christ. One day Chuck was telling me about his grandchildren and how they were being raised without any knowledge of God and how he did not know how to teach them about Jesus. I told I have a tool for you so I gave him a copy of “Donkey Tells” and said to do not worry the little story will walk them through the Good News of the Gospel and is told in a way they will understand and keep them captive. When you are alone with them read it to them and answer their questions as you go along. Pray for their hearts to be open to the Good News before you start and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.
Chuck took the little book and did as I as ask and he kept me informed too his progress. He was surprised by the story line and how his grandchildren wanted him to keep reading to them. It took time before he finely finished the and one morning he told “It worked I prayed with my grandsons and they now have Jesus in their hearts. The boy`s ages are from 7 to 10 years of age and they now are going to church with Chuck.
Three weeks ago on a Monday morning before work I got a text-message from Chuck, “Please pray for my seven-year old grandson he was hit by a car and I will not be in today.
The next Monday morning I met Chuck in the parking lot and he was barely holding himself together as he told me they took Steven off life support and he is gone. I began to weep with Chuck and prayed the Holy Spirit over us. Then these words came to me, “Steven is in heaven and you prayed with to have Jesus in his heart. He is in the arms of Jesus right now and He shall always be forever and ever, and you shall see him again soon. You did your job as his Grandfather and gave him Jesus.”
Chuck said, “No you gave him Jesus it was your words in “Donkey Tells” that showed him the way.”
I replied, “It was the Holy Spirit who gave me the story and many, many others along the way who helped me get the story published who gave your grand son Jesus. We all have an equal reward in the saving of this young soul. One thing when we get to heaven will you introduce me to Steven?”
Chuck came back with, “Steven is waiting for you to get to heaven he has a hug for you.”

Donkey Tells: A Review

A friend, a pastor and a fellow blogger of mine has read and written a book review of “Donkey Tells, A Promise Kept”. Thank-you Pastor Anthony and God Bless you, J Thomas

The Recovering Legalist

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! Yes, I know it is January 8, but I haven’t been able to write anything substantial until now. This, with the exception of a re-blog of something my daughter did, is the first post of 2015 – I’m so excited!

In December I wrote a couple of posts having to do with resolutions. One of the things I decided to do this year is read more – a lot more. As a matter of fact, I am going to attempt to read a book every couple weeks. Will I make it? At least I am going to try. What I will promise – and will achieve – is that I will be reading much more than that past, and that’s an improvement.

What has exceedingly hurt you in time past, nay, and I fear to this day, is want of reading

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Cold Shoulder!!

I am not giving anyone the cold shoulder: My laptop has caught a virus this past Sunday. The geek was thinking it was not terminal… Yet in his last report to me the virus was winning the war!!!!

I will be back as soon as possible reading your post, responding to your comments, and writing. The good part is has given me this much-needed time to be with our Abba to listen and wait on Him.

the news from the final reading of Donkey Tells this Wednesday night is:::

The angels in heaven are rejoicing for the little lost lamb has been found!!







God’s Heart

I could have spent my whole life just a common man paying my tithe on Sunday. I would have content just being a blue-collar worker all of my days. Yet one day I ask of our Messiah can You use me? Is there any way I can be used to build Your church? I prayed do You my God have a dream for my life? Out of that prayer Men of One Accord was born and the blog Men of One Accord took its first steps. The task was simple teach men to pray in one accord and that I have done for most of my walk with Christ.

Out of praying in unity with men a new prayer in my life began years back. Lord do You have a dream for my life? My Abba please break my heart for the things that breaks Your heart? Out this prayer grew a new hunger. A hunger to reach the children of middle school age with the love of Jesus. My heart was broken for them for I saw how the world seduced them with violence and lies. I cried before Abba’s throne night and day, the Men of One Accord agreed in prayer as we cried out as one: Use me to show  the Love of Jesus to our children.

Out these prayers a new dream was dreamed, a story about a donkey born. 2013 on Christmas Eve day I learned “Donkey Tells, A Promise Kept” was published and released for sale. My heart has grown more broken and my hunger to reach the children has become ravenous. My prayer became I will go, ask of me anything, but Lord save our children. It was made very clear I was to move and the Lord picked a place named Oak Ridge, Tn. the Secret City.

A house was waiting here in Oak Ridge and Donkey Tells was here before me too. As you know I have been reading to the children on Wednesday nights and will soon finish the book. God has promised a harvest I know His word is true and many of you have been praying with me too.

On this morning I met with the pastor of the church I have been reading at. To shorten what was decided in a three-hour meeting is I will be doing another reading. This time the reading shall be at a city park and the whole town is invited. I think it is going to called Family Night Out with a Donkey. Out of these years of prayers something new has been born:

Donkey Tells Ministries

I shall soon be starting a new blog called yes: Donkey Tells Ministries!

I will be using the blog for many things like some of the stories of what God is doing in the lives of the children and their families. Upcoming events ect.

To all of you that have prayed and to all of you that will pray with me in One Accord for our children you shall have an equal reward in the Harvest of the Lord. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and His peace, Amen.

Please watch the video link, thank-you.



Reading to the Children

I do not know who this person is who shows up to read on Wednesday nights is but he had tears coming from my eyes to night. I had some new faces again tonight the kids were very attentive tonight as read the chapters titled, ” A King is Coming” and “Paid in Full”. Paid in Full ends with Christ Jesus hanging dead on the cross surrounded by a gloomy light with an evil fog.The room was so quiet on could have heard the heart beat of a mouse from across the room. The Children sit in silence until one boy ask can we say the Lord’s Prayer. We prayed softly together and then the children filtered out.

Everyone God Bless you for your support in prayer! Please keep praying for I do not leave Jesus dead on the Cross He is alive and the children will have heard the Good News. Pray that the Holy Spirit woos their hearts to Jesus as the invitation is given.


   [Bookstore Link]

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