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Men of One Accord!

Tonight is Good Friday on this night my new church family will be commemorating the death of our Lord Jesus Christ with a Passover Dinner ending with Communion. We will also have another small church in our town joining us for the dinner. My pastor is going to announce the beginning of a new Men’s prayer starting next Saturday at 7:00 Am, inviting the men of both churches to join in Prayer of One Accord.
One thing I did confess to my pastor before all of this is I am not very good at leading. In fact I told him I am a much better follower than I am a leader.
His reply, “Sounds like you are perfect for the job. Some of the church’s greatest leaders are some of the greatest followers.”
May the Face of Our Lord shine upon you, May His Grace abound in you, and May His Love flow from your heart now and forever; AMEN!

A Thought at Noon!

When I sit down to write,

What I write is in

direct proportion

to how much time  I spend:

in prayer,

in reading the Bible,

and being still

before the Lord.

A Precious Jewel

Abba’s most precious jewel

His most favorite child

In her one finds only Love.

She reflects Christ.

Hand cut by the master

Perfectly polished every facet

In her one finds only Love.

She reveals Christ.

Her touch invites

Her embrace soft and warm

In her arms one finds only Love.

She is the ardor of Christ.

Her voice a gift

Singing songs of praise

Greater than that of angels

In her songs one finds only love.

She is the morning song of Christ.

Greater radiance than any diamond

Fire beyond any ruby

Richness exceeding the sapphire

In her brilliance one only finds love.

She shines of Christ.

A gift given

To one man

Till death do they part.

In her I have found only LOVE.

For she is the gift

My bride on loan

to me

She is the bride of Christ.

Happy Birthday

My bride

March 2, 2014

Suspended Children

Who are the suspended Children?

You see them every day, they are all around you.

These children are the children who do not know Jesus!

All around you in this country in your neighborhood are children 9 to 12 years of age who do not know Jesus. There may even be a suspended child in your home. These children do not know what sin is and they do not know Hell is a real place. These children are suspended above the flames of Hell waiting for you to teach them about the wages of sin. Romans 6:23; “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.”

You and I who say that we are followers of Christ have been given a commission by Jesus: Mark 16: 15-16; “And He said (Jesus) to them, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to EVERY creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved: he who does not believe is condemned.”

Our world is the people living around us these are the ones we are to teach the Gospel. In my thinking our Abba Father Wants to move among the people of the world again and wants to embrace the children of the United States. In the past when there was a move of God it has been a move in the younger people in this nation. I think back to Jesus people of 1960’s it was the young people touched by Jesus and the way we did church in America has been changed forever. The movement came about by one man with a burden and a prayer to reach the hippies. Young people the hippies had emptiness in their hearts and were searching for something to fill the void.

One day my heart became so burdened for children, it may have been after one of the school shootings, hearing about children having sex at the age of ten with one another, or even after seeing the lines of children waiting to buy the new Harry Potter book. Children are exposed to so much emptiness these days my heart broke, so I prayed. For about three years I prayed for the children. God gave me Donkey Tells, simply said, Donkey Tells is the Gospel of Jesus Christ told to children for the ages of 9 to 12 year old.

With all the disasters happening in this country as of lately I found myself in the book of Joel. Joel used the disasters to call the people to repent. I am not saying that the disasters in our country are judgments of God. One verse jumped out at me Joel 1:3;

Tell your children about it

Let you children tell their


And their children another


God created donkeys to come alongside of man to help him carry the loads in life that were too heavy to be carried by him. Suspended donkeys are books that help you and are sent out for the suspended children to introduce them to Jesus. “Donkey Tells, A Promise Kept” is the gospel of Jesus Christ in words that anyone can understand. Donkey Tells is a tool to help anyone show a child the love of Jesus. Donkey Tells is a tool to open the door to teach a child about Jesus.

Children Only Know

What YOU

Teach Them!

A suspended book is a book that is bought for a child who does not know Jesus. Maybe you buy one book for yourself and another for the little trouble maker next door.

I am also looking for away to give a book to every child who has fallen into hard times. I wish to give a Suspended Donkey to foster care children, homeless children, any child in need, and all suspended children over the flames of HELL. Donkey Tells, is a donkey that comes alongside and carries them to the loving arms of Jesus.

Jesus said, “Let the Little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 19:14

Again a task before me has been given of which I do not know how to do. Again to our Abba I shall not be saying no. Yet to you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus I am asking you to be of One Accord with me telling the children of the world about the Love of Jesus? I would love to hear your input on how we shall do this task. I have some ideas yet I believe many of you out there may have better ideas than I. Let us be the ones to introduce the Children to Jesus and His love for His glory forever and ever, Amen.

If you do not wish to leave your comment here or idea I can be reached at

This post shall also be posted as a new page also, Thank-you everyone and God Bless.


Anytime there is a call to prayer may the Men of One Accord bend their knees, Amen


To all my friends from A Devoted Life:

I would greatly appreciate prayers from you all.

My Dad is critically ill and in the intensive care unit (ICU) at the hospital.  He has a gangrene infection in his gall bladder.  He is too ill for them to operate and remove his gall bladder.  We were just told that he is on life support and is experiencing organ failure of the kidneys and heart.  We understand that due to low blood pressure there may be other organ damage.

My Dad has loved his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for as long as I can remember.  He is the one that showed me what it looks like to truly love God.  His destination is assured.  Yet, we selfishly desire to keep him with us and earnestly desire our Lord to heal the infection within his body and restore his health.

We serve the King of kings and Lord…

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Monday Smile

Quote of the month from Winnie the Pooh:

My spelling is wobbly.

It’s good spelling but it wobbles

and the letters get in

the wrong places!

Oh Pooh Bear I just know how you feel my spelling  also wobbles!

This post is just to tell everyone Men of One Accord will be shutting down for some time for I shall be moving to Knoxville Tn. It is a little over 700 mile move and I am not sure now long I shall be without internet. I will try to keep up with you all out there as I use my laptop in wi-fi hot spots to read your posts and email. May I ask of you to keep my wife and I in your prayers as we make this move as our Abba places us upon your hearts.

When Men of One Accord returns it shall be in a new city answering a new calling of God in my life. I know I shall still be in men’s prayer groups but now writing for the souls of our children. As the prophet Joel called out to his people to repent I too cry out so that our children may learn of the love of Jesus.

Joel 1:3

Tell it to your children,

and let your children tell it

to their children,

and their children to the next


May the love of Jesus fill you to overflowing, may His peace surround you, and in your weakness may you rest in His loving arms, Amen.

A Request For Prayer?

I received this request for prayer in my comments and replied that I would pass on the request through my blog. I was so deeply moved in the Spirit it took me some time before I could even  write to ask for others to pray. Yes this request is not from a country were one is free to worship Yeshua. These are the words that were in the comment:

dear men of one accord plz put us up in your prayers this day as the devil is attacking us from all sides the guarding angels are and will continue to be with us all but your prayers will also help. if two or more are gathered in his name jesus will oversee us and thru our most difficult times as the mission here grows the monetary parts are expanding too plz pray for a big blessing of monies to help in our daily operations and to give us a renewed sense of responsibility with our work in the field here. god bless u all and thank u in advances for all ur help

Thank-you all for joining with me in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Yeshua our Messiah.


I have come back to this page again 

to see if words of light dance!

I have two other tasks that beckon

to me come and toil for them. 

Yet Men of One Accord awaits

for some new words of light.

I find no new prose

nor a vision of a poem

is in my sight.

So now is this my time to wait?

A time to contemplate?

So is this the time to be still

 and know?

Yes, Yes my mind is 

really, really blank!

But to be still and wait 

and know?

Yahweh is your God.

So be Still and Wait

and Know.

Brothers and sisters in Christ this me trying to tell you that God has added to the calling in my life. I have two new task that has been set before me to do. One I have been working on for sometime the other is a door that has opened to me. Both task are demanding more of my time and I do not fill free to elaborate on them. The first project I have worked for some time is now moving ahead and I need to spend more time with it fine tuning. The other is a new door that has just open to me a new territory where I have never been before. I will also be keeping up on men’s prayer groups as I am needed there. I follow a lot of blogs and I will still keep following them and may even add more to my list. One thing I do need to do is to slow down on my posting and I am really having a hard time writing new post.

I want to thank every one of you who follows Men of One Accord  from my heart. I love all your comments, your blessings, and encouragement you have brought into my life. Please keep me in your prayers for I will need more of our Abba’s wisdom to discern  the loving truthful words of Christ with all the new people God is bring into my life. I need your prayers for boldness to proclaimed in the gentleness caring concerns of Christ for their souls.            

May the joy of the Lord be with you and the peace that passes all understanding be your resting place. May all who see you be greeted with the love of Christ that is in you. I pray that rivers of blessings flow out of heaven and deep into your souls so that all who meet you has seen the Face of Christ the hope in you, Amen.


He asked, if I would like to make my life’s journey with Him?

I said, I do not know how to hold Your hand!

He asked me to pray?

I said, I do not know how to pray!

He asked me to teach others?

I said, I do not know how to speak!

He asked me to write?

I said, I do not know how to spell!

He asked me to write poems to Him?

I said, I do not know how to express myself!

He asked me to bless others?

I said, I do not know how to bless!

He asked me to lead others to Him?

I said, I do not how to lead!

He asked me to forgive those who hurt me?

I said, but they will hurt me again, I do not know how to forgive!

He asked me to Love Him above all else and others as He does?

I said, my heart is broken, I do not know how to Love!

He asked, do you know why,

I would ask such things of you?

I said, I do not know why?

He said, for I knew,

you do not know how,

to tell your Abba Father NO!

On April 7, 2013 Men of One Accord is one year old. When I started this blog I  really did not know what I was doing and I still do not. When I started, I was given a  very old PC laptop and it went  kaput shortly afterwards. I was then given an old Mac which I am still using today it has some short comings too.  God has blessed me with all of you out there and you all have been so kind. Thank-you! 🙂 I have a dream of  buying my first computer for I never used a computer before then. I had never been on the inter-net before, because I did not know how. I would love for my first computer to be an iMac then I can get free lessons on how to use it. You see , I never typed before because I did not know how! Yet on that day I started typing with all my fingers when I sat down at that computer!

I would love to list every one of you and pray a blessing over you all, but that would make this  post about six million words long. I do pray for every one of you about once a week sometimes more as the Spirit leads. Again Thank-You and May our LORD Bless you and keep you, AMEN.

One thing I do know for sure is you never have to ask God; Can you hear me now? 🙂

Teach Us to Pray

Abba,  Please teach us to pray, we must learn Your ways that lead us to seeing Your Face. Some of us are not skilled in the art of words, for our tongue mixes our thoughts into a maze of words entangled in our mouths. Yet some have grown complacent and a selfish flesh an embezzler of our time spent with You. Still some have grown lazy and apathy has set in as our  bones return to dust. We are men who know not how to express the deepest emotions that are hidden deep inside our soul. We are men who know not how to express the fears that tear our heart apart and cause our faith to grow colder than ice.

In these moments we have no colorful stylistically expressions of words we could speak. Nor do we wish to recite those churchly phrases we so often throw around as if to impress one another. Nor do we have a finely tuned delicately molded prayer to lavish at Yeshua’s feet. Abba let us not offend You when we confine ourselves to repeating petitions as our prayers unwind like an old cuckoo-clock. Please forgive us, for far to long our prayers have been a children’s wish list at Christmas of  I wants. Abba, we have been held captive to long help us be free of these rusty chains!  Abba, could it be we are praying more when we say the least?

Abba, should Your men not have a desirous pleading for Your Will to be done here now on earth as it is in Heaven? Abba, help us to be content with our daily bread, as You keep us from evil. For You are the all-powerful, all-knowing, always loving, always present God that we surrender to. Take our will and remake it into Your will do with us as You desire. Please give the men of God the courage to take captive the next stronghold of hell, give us boldness and vision to expand our boundaries, increase our Faith to seek adventure in finding new horizons. Most of all help us to love You more every day and love Your Will for our lives.  

Abba, turn Your face upon us and reach out with Your Holy Spirit as we try to draw near to you. Abba Father, we have been that clanging cymbal and sounding brass far to long. By Your Holy Spirit  we shall once more love Your Laws and love and desire Your will for our lives. We will repent and love one another, we will again love our enemies, we shall seek first Your Kingdom. We shall repent and will once more become Men of One Accord for this is Your Will. Then the Holy Spirit shall sound from Heaven and once more rush in as a mighty wind to the men who are of one accord. The Fire of heaven shall sit upon your men of the Church as many signs and wonders appear. Blind shall see, the lame shall dance, and as the dead rise to life to worship the King. All Glory and Honor Belongs to Yeshua the King of Kings! Father Abba we seek Your Face!


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