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O’ Wretched Soul

These poems are a collaboration of two souls who write for the love of Yeshua.

O’ This Wretched Soul

An original  from days past by James Neff of Men Of One Accord


O’ this wretched soul

of mine

over hell’s fire suspends

to be lost for all time

obstinate awaiting life’s end.

O’ this wretched soul

stone cold harden heart

toiler chained to villainy

to be forever hell’s tart

lost ship in the sea of iniquity.

O’ this wretched soul

 naked before the Father’s Throne

pungent humiliation shadow of life

another sinner scorned

scourged by strife.

O’ this wretched soul

is there any hope for me?

will Yeshua’s forgiveness Flow?

can Yeshua set this soul free?

I plead for Yeshua hell’s debt to suspend

upon which now this soul depends.

prostrate before Abba’s Throne

please take this prodigal back Home?

O’ this wretched soul

of mine.



O’ Wretched Soul

A new take on an original by Deborah Gomez of awomansaved.

 O’ Wretched Soul | awomansaved


O’ wretched soul


unbending I await life’s end


whilst over hell’s fire I suspend

O’ wretched soul


is this stone cold heart


in bitter taste of hell’s tart

O’ wretched soul


is this sinner to villainy


lost in this sea of iniquity

O’ wretched soul


by strife this leper left scorn


in humiliation before the Father’s Throne

O’ wretched soul


to Yeshua’s redemptive flow


to you is His forgiveness to sow

Never again left to suspend

on His love you now depend

He has heard your prayer’s voice

O’ wretched soul


The Necktie of Purpose: A poem

Here is a poem I think you find that stretches  you out a wee bit!


the world sees from left to right

or the world looks right to left

the world perceives from up to down

or the world views down to up

the world differentiates right angles

yet the world cannot discern 

the canker worm

expanding from the center out

Now Who has the learning disability? 

Jeremiah 5:21; Hear this now, O foolish


Without understanding,

Who have eyes and see not,

And who have ears and hear


Trials Into Blessings!

I have a coworker who became a good friend, so I started to pray for him. Steve’s life was going along real good: But God had plans for Steve’s life. Steve was to be broken, divorce was coming, his life was to be torn apart, he was to be thrown into a pit with no way out. At the start of his divorce he became very depressed and wanted to kill himself, his wife and all his family. I have walked this road myself Jesus found me at the bottom of this pit. I said some things to Steve in away most men of God would not talk. I also used language most men of God should never use. Steve had to hear and understand so I spoke his language. Of course I could have used a ball bat, or even a golf club, they work just as well for tact. My idea of tact is to use a nine pound sledge-hammer to drive a thumb tack into a cork board. It may not be pretty but it will get the job done. My method of console is best understood by bloody knuckle blue-collar workers only.

Yes, I remember the Greek word for comfort; paraklesis: to come along side because you are invited: When a vessel at sea is in distress the aiding vessel must be invited, to come alongside to give aid. It does not mean you shall not use a fire axe if a fire axe is needed to combat the demons of hell.

This story goes on and on and it is still going on but there is a point to it. God used all the suffering in my life to walk with Steve and sometimes even carry him through his trials. Steve did make peace with God, and so did his seventeen year old daughter. As I think all of the things that I have suffered through, God for His Glory has used my trials to comfort someone else. My trials were not only for my good, but my trials were also used to bless another and another and another. Just like a pebble dropped in a pond the blessing only goes out. Only a God of love can do that!

Out of this story comes the poem Trials!

Just for the record I wrote the story first, but I posted the poem first a dyslexic will do that!


Abba, I fear

I am growing lukewarm,

many a passing are the years,

many men have been warned,

why do so many act as if they cannot hear?

I have lost heart!

I no longer desire to pray

for men who wish to live a life apart,

I no longer wish to cry out night and day.

I feel as tho I am alone

for lukewarm I have grown,

Yahweh’s rebuke I do fear

the rod that chastens is drawing near,

with the passing of the many years.

Yes, I am sure lukewarm I have grown

in sackcloth and ashes on my face

bent over to the ground in this place

as I feel so all alone.

Has my heart turned to stone?

Lukewarm is my sin I make it known,

Lukewarm I am spat out on the ground

hell’s angels now dance around.

For I have been the most complacent of fools

complying with the world’s woos.

My lukewarm heart I cast at Yeshua’s feet

prostrate I wait for Abba to speak.

I have had a hard time deciding what to do with this post for I was thinking it was incomplete. A friend and sister in Christ was nearly at the same time writing a post on this subject and I have found it helps complete this poem. So please take the time to read it here is the link:


an immeasurable depth

an unimaginable divide

an un-payable debt

an unmendable disrepair

an unthinkable disgrace

an unescapable dilemma

an  unforeseeable darkness


the seven sealed seals upon the scroll

who is worthy to open the scroll?

who is worthy to break the seals?

the scroll, the title-deed

 to my soul.

 ransoms to be redeemed

a required payment

 tariffs to collect

 charges assembled

 duties imposed

account overdraft



the seven sealed seals upon the scroll

who is worthy to open the scroll?

who is worthy to break the seals?

the scroll, the title-deed

to my soul.

behold the right hand of

I AM upon the Throne

the scroll, the title-deed

to my soul.

a strong angel loudly proclaims

who is worthy to open the scroll?

who is worthy to break the seals?

the scroll, the title-deed

to my soul.

can one be found in heaven?

can one be found on earth?

can one be found under the earth?

none can be found

that can take the scroll

the title-deed to my soul!

bitterly I weep!


The Lion of the tribe of Judah

In the midst of the Throne

 the four living creatures

in the midst of the elders

stood the Lamb that had been Slain

when He came He did not take

the scroll, the title-deed to my soul

from the right hand of

I AM who sat on the throne.

prostrate I bowed at the feet of

 the Lamb that had been Slain.

woefully I proclaimed You are

Yeshua Messiah

Lord of Lords

King of Kings!

I pleaded Lord, Lord

did I not speak inspiration

did I not heal

did I not perform many wonders

in your Name?

Please take the scroll, the title-deed

to my soul!

save me from


the Lamb that was Slain spoke:

you never surrendered your heart

you never surrendered your will

you never repented your sin

I never knew you

depart from Me you evil servant.

the scroll with the seven seals, the title-deed

to my soul

was handed over to the strong dark angel

 tossed into a

  lake of fire

forever torment

 unquenchable thirst

unstoppable agony

everlasting torture

unending anguish

eternal misery

the seven sealed seals upon the scroll

the scroll, the title-deed

to my soul

over the Lamb that was Slain

I stepped forever into


Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

 Prayer is an Invitation: Revelation 3:20. “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door I will come into him and dine with him, and he with me.”

Prayer is an Invitation to God to come into the midst of our needs, our broken lives, our weakness, our unwillingness to obey God.

This was the very first message I gave to the Men of One Accord of my home town. It is also my first blog which maybe only two people have seen. Here is the point some men in a town twenty-seven miles south of me want to start a men’s prayer group. They have asked me to help them get started in a Prayer of One Accord. So I left it up to them to set the time and place and I would be there. All you have to do is give me a call and tell me where and when and I will be there. I was asked if I knew where this or that was in their town and I said no. They asked if I had GPS I said no, I have GGS {God’s Guiding System} no problem I will find you.

After prayer in my home town with my brothers Saturday July 14. I knew what the message was they needed to hear. I was to start at the beginning with them, Prayer is an Invitation. At home I pulled up my blog to get the only copy of Prayer is an Invitation and copied it by hand because most of my equipment has failed. It also allowed me to make changes as the Holy Spirit directed. Then with prayer and worship in my heart I waited for the call to spring into action.

The waiting reminded me of being in the Marine Corps during the Cold War. I served in HMX 1 the Presidential Helicopter Squadron. Part of that mission was to keep three helicopters ready to launch at all times 7/24, I was part of the air crew. The reason was to move high government leaders to a safe place in the event of nuclear war. We trained and were tested to the point that we could launch the aircraft within seconds of the call going out. When the call was given we never knew if it was a test, training, or real. Waiting for the call was the hardest part not knowing if the next call out was going to be real or a test. The next call if real would mean that the world would be changed forever, people you loved, family, and home burned, dead, never to be seen again. I was trained to snatch people up to keep them from burning in a living Hell. Of course I would be saved too but all the earthy things I loved would be forever gone, burned.

I got the call at 4:15 PM. It was not the call out I was expecting, it was my work place. Things were falling apart I was needed to come fix the problem, now. Driving to work I was asking God what is going on? I was sure God wanted me to help these men of the next town. I ask God if He was going to let Satan get in the way of His plans? What I found at work was a much bigger mess than I could handle on my own. I needed help so I called in my friend and brother in Christ, he is also one of the Men of One Accord. We worked and cleaned up the mess to the best of our ability without all the parts we needed to make a complete repair. It was only a band-aid repair to get by till Monday morning when we could get the parts to make a more permanent repair. Back at our trucks as I started to talk about how the Spirit of the Lord was moving in our prayers Saturday mornings. I spoke about how the Spirit just left us sitting there in tears speechless, enjoying His presence. That must have been like a spear to his heart for he said, “ I do not want you to make a comment about what I say.” I listened to him confess all the sin and how he had messed up everything in his life.  He was totally defeated, totally broken, and believed God would never take him back. I looked at him and said, “God has you exactly where He wants you.”  I did not ask him if he wanted to pray, I just started to pray. I had to answer God’s call to race out onto the battlefield and place my shield between him and all of Satan’s fiery darts. Condemnation had driven him far away from the cross and he did not know how to find his way back.

Ecclesiastes 4: 10; “For if they fall, one will lift up his Companion.”

My prayer was just me asking my Father if He remembered. I asked Him about all the times he restored me when I had fallen. When I had messed up, when I was alone, and all the other times He had to come to my rescue. Do You remember Father? I ask my Father if He remembered how He always poured out His Grace upon me in all the events of my twenty-three years of walking with Him. After I described each event of my life in detail I would then ask Father do You remember? In detail I would describe what He had done for me and asked Father do You remember? I then would tearfully requested each time of my Father to do the same for my brother.

By the time I was done with that prayer we were both on the ground in the dirt in prayer. Our tears of sorrow and shame turned into tears of joy and praise. For one who once lay dying on the battlefield was carried back to the foot of the cross to be healed and restored to life by grace. I too have been carried to the foot of the cross many times it just happen to be my turn to answer the call.

Abba Father thank-You for remembering my brother and I.

Prayer is an Invitation to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, which brings two Lovers into one joyful room of Grace, our God and our very wounded  soul.


Isaiah 6:8;

Also I heard the voice of the LORD saying;

“Whom shall I send,

and who will go for Us?”

Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

Do You Remember the last time you answered the Call?

Pass or Fail

Pass or Fail

Saturday our men’s prayer  had what one might call question and answer day. We had many good question and answers, but there was one question that stood out.

Why do I fail so many of God’s test?

I being the leader of failure the past week with a laptop that is sick and in a coma. Trapped inside that laptop is all the stuff I have been working on, then there is all that stuff I have out there in cyber-space I need to be working on, and at work ##@#/ ##**/ and *&*@@#!

I am the King of Failure!

NIV James 1:2-4

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trails of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

This was not the answer we were, I was, looking for. We, I, have heard many a sermon on this passage of Scripture and none was filling the void in the question. No religiousestly and christaneeze could answer this big hole in that question.

Why do I Fail God’s test?

So we prayed!

NIV Mark 9: 23-24

“If you can?” said Jesus, “Everything is possible for him who believes!”

Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help my unbelief!”

Without testing there is no belief.

God’s testing is not a pass or fail test,

the Test is to help us believe.

So we prayed!

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