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Life’s Hallways

In life’s hallway,

Pass a door of bondage chains and sin,

to an open door awaits,

Yoke is lighten burdens removed,

for a door has closed behind me, 

in this humble hall I walk, 

as time passes,

with praise and worship on my lips, 

as my Abba leads. 

Pass a door of self-service, 

for an open door awaits,

Into the hall of preparation,

a door has closed behind me,

in this humble hall I walk,

as time passes,

 with praise and worship upon my lips,

as my Abba leads.

Pass a door of covetousness and strife,

to an open door awaits,

Trials to be counted for joy,

for a door has closed behind me,

in this humble hall I walk,

as time passes,

with praise and worship on my lips,

as my Abba leads.

Pass a door of riches’ comfort,

to an open door awaits,

Persecution qualifies partakers,

for a door has closed behind me, 

in this humble hall I walk,

as time passes,

with praise and worship upon my lips,

as my Abba leads.

Pass a door of Hell’s Eternal Death,

to an open door awaits,

Heaven’s Forever Peace,

for a door has closed behind me, 

on His golden streets I dance,

as time forever passes,

with praise and worship on my lips,

As Abba Father Leads.

What’s Your Name?

Years ago a young boy

on a moon less night

gazed amazingly into the sky

as Jesus and he lay side by side.

Jesus do they all have names?

son does what have names?

Your stars Jesus,

do they all Have names?

 Abba and I named them each one.

Jesus what are their names?

My son look, listen, and ask;

What’s your name?

They shall whisper to you their name!

Gazing he focused on one star and asked

What’s your name?

a whisper, “Promise”

Jesus he said Promise!

son go ahead, ask another.

What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?

“Long Suffering.”

What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


What’s your name?


and on into the night

till the boy fell asleep

in the arms of Jesus.

Psalm 19:1-3;

The heavens declare the glory of 


And the firmament shows

His handiwork.

Day unto day utters speech,

and night unto night

reveals knowledge.

There is no speech

nor language

Where their voice is not heard.

Face to Face

 He became a baby,

born in a stable of Bethlehem,

born from a virgin,

wrapped in rags,

laid in a manger,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He was proclaimed by angels,

worshiped by shepherds,

designated with a star,

sought by eastern wise men,

hunted by Herod,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

Driven into Egypt,

returns to Nazareth,

was strong in the Spirit,

and filled with wisdom,

Abba’s grace was upon Him,

He amazed the scholars,

worked with His hands,

 was only a son of a carpenter,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He was baptized in the Jordan,

heaven’s regal gates opened,

 like a dove as the Spirit descended,

Abba’s royal thunder exclaimed,

I AM well pleased!

This is My Son,

led into the wilderness,

hungry and thirsty

tested and tempted,

He sinned not,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He called the fishermen,

He called the tax collectors,

He healed the sick,

He fed the thousands,

and when He spoke,

 the wind and sea obeyed,

 He commanded demons to flee and death to retreat,

Pharisees questioned without compassion,

mocked by disbelieving Sadducees,

the Scribes demanded answers,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He came upon a donkey,

multitudes cried out,

our King has come,

Hosanna in the highest,

high priests plotted  murder,

thirty pieces of silver,

a price paid to be betrayed,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

In the garden of anguish He prayed,

as sweat, blood and tears droplets fell,

not My will but Abba’s be done,

faithless disciple used the betrayer’s kiss,

evil’s outraged mob arrested,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

His trial was contemptible,

accused of factitious crimes,

counterfeit witnesses testified,

Chief Priests judged Him guilty,

they condemned Him,

He must die

Peter denied Him thrice,

so we could love Him,

Face to Face.

Governor Pilate questioned Him,

He was flogged and punched,

He was spat upon and mocked,

He was crowned with thorns,

in Him no guilt was found,

the sentence was pronounced,

DEATH to the King of Kings,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

He walked Gogotha’s lonely rocky road,

Roman soldiers nailed Him,

naked to the tree,

as all His blood flowed out,

He made His final decree,


He Died

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

 His body was placed,

 in a borrowed sealed tomb,

    Roman soldiers stood guard,

at death’s cold hellish gate,

three days later,

the earth’s ground rolled,

the Christ the Son of God,

walked out from death’s cold hold,

so we could love Him

Face to Face.

Jesus was born,

suffered, died and rose again,

 He return to His throne,

to make for us a home,

soon and very soon He will return,

so we can love Him

Face to Face!

Urgent Call to Prayer!!

A Call to Prayer of One Accord, There is a son out there in the world By the name of Joshua who is off the edge. I have been asked to pray for him, and I am asking all who  read this to do the same.  In this prayer we are asking God to use His perfect judgement and love to do whatever it takes to bring this lost lamb back Home in His arms.

To me this is the most important prayer a man can make, for is it not written that Jesus said I AM The Good Shepherd? Is it not written that the Shepherd left the ninety and nine to find the one that is lost?

On October 15, I got a request to pray for Joshua and I sent an email back asking if I could blog this prayer request. Today I heard back.

Join with the Men of One Accord in prayer for the one that is off the edge.




I once knew a man who loved sin no matter what the cost. He loved to steal, fight, break laws, and lust over numerous of things, but not limited to the above mentioned. This man finally got married, then saved, and finally started straightening out his life. Or so he thought. There was arguing, money issues, etc… Sometimes he felt like he needed to do whatever it took to make ends meet because every time he prayed for help he seemed to never find comfort. So he stopped praying. Needless to say there was not much room for Jesus in his heart anymore. Then it happened, his world was going great. There was not as much trouble or hard times in his life anymore. One day this man was approached by another and was asked to come pray with them. Of course there was no time for that, there was more important things in his life that needed to be done first. But this other man was very persistence and kept asking and asking and asking. You get the picture it was like a bill collector that keep harassing wanting to know where his money was. Finally the stray man gave in and went just to see what the hype was all about. Well come to find out the other man was a bill collector just one for God. Jesus wanted his son back at home with him. The man loved what was going on in his life and kept returning as often as possible. Again he felt as he did when he first asked Jesus to enter his life. thought nothing could go wrong. Then he ended up in the hospital, then laid off from work, bills were piling sky high again. What happened to the man? This time through his troubles instead of blaming God he rejoiced in his troubles. What in the world happened to the other man who blamed God for his troubles? Well let me tell you what happened. No longer did this man pray for himself alone, nor was he alone when he prayed about himself and more importantly praying for others. He also realized that all of these troubles were not troubles at all. How is that you might ask? These troubles from the very beginning were nothing but tests and guess what he failed horribly first go round. You see Jesus gave him another chance as a father will do. Without these troubles there are no tests. Now this man is asking for as much trouble as God will throw at him because all this is doing is causing one big word PERSAVERENCE. My brothers in Christ if life is well and things are going to smooth you might want to ask yourself am I doing the right things in my life! This is not intended just for people not involved in church but for you up there teaching and preaching as well. What is your congregation doing when there not sitting in front of you? Don’t know? Well my friend, where is your faith by your works? Has anyone else felt like a stranger in your church? Well did everyone not greet them as they entered the doors? Why not? Were they not wearing fancy clothes or maybe a little smelly? When that person feels unwanted they walk out that door and turn right back to well you can only imagine. The fore mentioned story of the man before and after was myself. I am proud to say that this is my testimony for the men of one accord. If it was not by Gods grace that this one man who entered my life and taught me to open my heart when I open my bible (not my wallet) then whose grace was it. Not the men of one accords grace but Gods grace. How many men in churches in your area actually go out and find Gods lost children and rejoice with them in there sorrow. why not? This is faith by works not by getting up every Sunday to sit and loose it all by Monday.

May God be with every man, woman, and child on this earth. Keep Jesus in your hearts and remember that every thing that happens is because it is Gods will not your own. Prayers that may at the time seem unanswered is your own selfishness that wants things according to your own will. Also remember that God is not only full of mercy, but is the God of judgement as well. This is my prayer for all.

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